Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Afghan central banker gets out of town ahead of the hit squad

You know I am someone who believes that if we just leave, there WILL BE another crater in another american city, OR one already hit.

But you read this and you begin to understand JFK.



Are we better off just keeping a large base somewhere, surrounded by a wall like the Night Watch’s, and an unimaginable Skynet set of drones permanently orbiting and dealing out death from the Chinese border to the Iranian, and from Termez to Khost and Quetta at the opportune moments?

The governor of Afghanistan’s central bank, Abdul Qadeer Fitrat, has resigned and fled the country, saying his life is in danger for investigating fraud.

He said the government had interfered in his efforts to pursue those responsible for corruption at the privately-owned Kabul Bank.

Mr Fitrat was speaking from the US where he has residency. He says he will not return to Afghanistan.

An Afghan government spokesman said the resignation amounted to treason.

Waheed Omar, Afghan President Hamid Karzai’s spokesman, also added that Mr Fitrat was himself under investigation.

“My life was completely in danger and this was particularly true after I spoke to the parliament and exposed some people who are responsible for the crisis of Kabul Bank,” Mr Fitrat said on Monday.

The embezzlement at Kabul Bank, Afghanistan’s largest private bank, almost led to its collapse last year after it was discovered that hundreds of millions of dollars had gone missing. The bank handles up to 80% of the government payroll, including salaries for policemen and teachers.

A run on the bank was only avoided by the injection of massive amounts of public funds and government guarantees.

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christian soldier said...

and we are using our $$$$ to re-structure I ($65B is it!) and A for what!

Ciccio said...

There has to be some mistake somewhere. Who could ever believe the presidents and vice-presidents brothers and family would ever do something that might embarrass them

ronmorgen said...

"A run on the bank was only avoided by the injection of massive amounts of public funds..."

Ummmm, I wonder where that money came from.

Unknown said...

Anyone saw 3 C-130's filled with $100 bills?