Thursday, June 23, 2011

Geert Wilders acquitted

Another fortunate turn of events: the Dutch court has acquitted Geert Wilders of any hate speech charges:
A Dutch court on Thursday acquitted populist politician Geert Wilders of charges of inciting hatred against Muslims, in a case that tested freedom of speech in the traditionally liberal country.

The court case has attracted attention, not just because of Geert Wilders' controversial comments about Islam -- which he compared to Nazism -- but also because of the increasing influence of his political party, which supports the minority Dutch government on economic and other issues.

The Dutch court late last year approved a request from Wilders to have new judges for his trial on charges of inciting hatred against Muslims, forcing the court to start the case again.

Wilders' lawyer had asked the court to replace the current judges, raising concerns about bias after they did not immediately approve a request to hear an expert witness.

"This gives me a new chance of a new fair trial. I am confident that I can only be acquitted because I have broken no law, but spoken the truth," Wilders told Reuters at the time, arguing that his comments were covered by freedom of speech.

Unusually, the prosecution team have also asked for an acquittal, arguing that politicians have the right to comment on problem issues and that Wilders was not trying to foment violence or division. However, the judges have the power to convict regardless of the prosecution's stance.
He's very lucky that justice has prevailed. However, there's still a lot more work to be done. They need to start pushing for improving the laws of the country to provide more freedom for criticism of religion.


Damien said...

Avi Green,

This is wonderful news, maybe now they'll finally stop trying to prosecute him for politically incorrect speech.

Anonymous said...

Via Forbes:

" While even the public defender’s office has previously requested he be cleared of all charges, the plaintiffs in the case are now considering bringing the issue to the UN and European courts.

For anyone who believes in the sanctity of free expression, such an action suggests a true threat to democracy that must not be allowed.
For the moment, however, the findings in the Wilders case are reassurance that the ideals of the Enlightenment and of all democratic people stand strong. "

Punting to the UN . . .it ain't over till the fat lady sings.

Anonymous said...

As Winds of Jihad states . . .the process is the punishment and it appears supporters of blasphemy laws plan to continue this punishing push to silence the opposition.

Damien said...


I still say, its much better that he was not convicted, and it will encourage more people to stand up and speak out. Also, I can guarantee you, that Islamic fascists everywhere, hate the fact that they didn't execute him, so they definitely won't be happy that the court basically said, he had a right to do what he did.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Denmark. I've been drinking your beer here in Canada (and quite a lot of 'em) ever since Kurt Westergaard made his famous Muhammad bomb turban cartoon that started the Danish products boycott in the ME.

But tonight and for the foreseeable future I'm going Dutch (at least until another European country pleases me very, very much as the Netherlands has just done.

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Do the Dutch make anything that good?

Damien said...


Well, if you're interested in that. Here's a webpages on stuff made in the Netherlands. It might have what you're asking for.

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Alexander Münch said...

I don't think that justice has prevailed !

I think that justice was misused, manipulated and distorted right from day one!
The Muzoid's intentions were to make an issue out of "freedom of speech", "Islamophobia", "Racism etc. and keep it "worm" on a small fire for as long as possible ! For them, wining was not the goal ! Participating in the show and maintaining the "Momentum" moving on, was the main game ! They won right at the beginning ! They managed to divert the world's attention from the Islamization of Europe to a non issue ! For more then two years Mr. Wilders was busily proving that he "Has no sister" ! ( He still uses the good services of personal body guards !... )

The Muzoids and the Lefto-Zomboids "pulled the trick" for too long!
It is about time to "Re-sue" the prosecutors for Gazillion Euros and let the court give it's piece of mind about justice and mockery of justice !

Epaminondas said...

Time for a reversal on Oriana!