Saturday, June 25, 2011

Two Bombs Found At Denver Area Shopping Mall

We'll probably never hear anything more about this, but might as well report it anyway:

DENVER (Reuters) – Two bombs were found inside a Borders Bookstore in a suburban Denver shopping mall overnight, the FBI said on Saturday.

Police were summoned to the Colorado Mills Mall in Lakewood early on Saturday after a store alarm sounded, the FBI said in a news release.

Police discovered evidence of forced entry and found two explosive devices.

The Jefferson County Bomb Squad responded to the scene, but the FBI did not say if the devices detonated.
"No injuries were reported and no threats have been communicated to Borders or the Mall," the FBI release said.


ronmorgen said...

Nothing to see here, keep moving.

christian soldier said...

smells of the religion of "peace"--

Always On Watch said...

Malls are soft targets.

As security tightens up around other target sites, terrorists will move to targeting sites that can never be adequately secured.

Once a bomb goes off at a mall and kills numerous people, this story about the bombs in Denver will be looked back on as "the canary in the mine."

ronmorgen said...

They will need to secure the entrances and profile people as they do in Jerusalem at every plaza, department store, and coffee shop.