Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Putting 2 and 2 together

In another followup to the post about Superman's renouncing US citizenship and even the now canceled story depicting Americans as hostile to Islam, I just thought of a little something else: as DC's publishers Dan DiDio and Jim Lee, the former who's certainly a bad lot himself, said at one point, the story about the Man of Steel forfeiting American citizenship was supposed to be a lead-in to another one.

However, as The Blaze reported a couple days after the controversy sparked by the citizenship case, they were reconsidering their plans. Since Comics Alliance's own staffers clearly don't want to speculate - and a lot of the more rabidly leftist sites never seemed to follow up on the news Glenn Beck's sites provided, probably out of anti-conservative hatred for him and because they didn't want their readers to know about it - that's why I'll have to do that particular job and provide a possible theory for why the Sharif story was scrapped.

My guess is that the Sharif story could very easily be what DiDio and Lee for some were alluding to at the time of the Superman citizenship controversy. If it was, then this could've been an even graver case than we think: for all we know, it could've depicted the Big Blue Boy Scout feeling disillusioned with America for alleged racism, since the writers and editors likely wouldn't have had the courage to describe it as anti-religious sentiment, nor would they have had the courage to include any verses from the Koran for people to form an opinion on.

Obviously, we'll probably never know the exact details of what went on behind the scenes at DC Comics in the past several months. But if this theory does turn out to be correct, that's why the replacement of Paul Roberson's story is for the best. Not that we can ever expect most of the apologists to ever ponder that.

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