Saturday, February 23, 2013

Cartoon Movement has a problem with Israeli security

The Cartoon Movement is complaining about the IDF's arrest of an Arabic cartoonist named Mohammed Saba'aneh. The worst part is that CBR's Brigid Alverson appears to be distorting info, because on her posting, it says that the Intl. Council for Human Rights says, “The Israeli security forces refuse to disclose any details on Mohammed Sabaana’s whereabouts and further deny to grant access to his lawyer or his family members. He is also at serious risk of torture and ill-treatment.” But that's not what the press release on Cartoon Movement's page actually says. (If you go there, you'll see just what kind of loathsome cartoons he's drawn up, BTW.)

The Times of Israel says:
Saba’aneh, a Palestinian who was visiting Amman, was arrested while crossing from Jordan into Israel on February 16 for providing information to hostile organizations, according to Ramallah-based Al-Hayat.

On Thursday, his remand in prison was extended for another nine days.

Saba’aneh’s cartoons are seen as critical of Israeli policies in the West Bank. One published last week depicted a Palestinian in Israeli jail ripping his heart out to throw over the prison wall.
This is exactly what CBR, as much as Cartoon Movement and other such sources, have not acknowledged, proving they're more interested in defending anti-Israel propaganda than in the realities involved. If Saba'aneh gave info to potential terrorist outfits, then he's asking for punishment. Those protecting him instead of victims of Islamic honor murders, for example, should be ashamed of themselves.

Update: on a semi-related note, Alverson also recommended/fawned over another of Sarah Glidden's propaganda pieces, that being a cartoon series she drew called State of Palestine, which proves she really doesn't recognize Israel's legitimacy, and only makes me even gladder that I don't waste my hard earned money on losers like Glidden.

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Epaminondas said...

These people should immediately be sentenced to 5 years in Hebron, a west bank town near the historically accepted tomb of Joseph, where jews have been in residence THAT LONG, and are continually attacked. They were attacked there long before there was an Israel, and ever since.