Thursday, September 15, 2016

Viktor Orban: This Globalism, This Love For "Refugees", This is NIHILISM, NOT LIBERALISM

From Gates of Vienna:
On October 2 Hungary will hold a referendum to decide whether or not it will accept its quota of “refugees” as assigned by the mandarins of the EU in Brussels. Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s staunch resistance to the diktats of the European Commission have prompted near-open warfare on the part of the EU bureaucrats. 
The referendum has been called “illegal” and “vile”, and yesterday the Foreign Minister of Luxembourg said that Hungary should be suspended from the European Union for treating refugees like “animals”. On Monday Viktor Orbán gave a speech to open the fall session of Parliament. 
In his speech to Parliament Mr. Orbán refers to a statement by Martin Schulz, the president of the European Parliament, about his intention of bypassing national governments in the resettlement of migrants. 
Mr. Schulz made his remarks in March of this year, and the quote may be found behind a paywall in Stern. as translated by Nash Montana: Schulz massively criticized the Eastern European EU states, especially Hungary, because they reject the idea of a “fair distribution” of migrants among EU states. 
But in the interview Schulz also pointed out that even in Hungary there are places where migrants aren’t sent back. As an example he named the city of Szeged. The south Hungarian city is very left-oriented and “all migrants could safely go there”. Below is a subtitled video of Viktor Orbán’s speech before Parliament.


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