Monday, December 26, 2016

Obama and Samantha Power SLAM ISRAEL WHILE ALEPPO BURNS/Half Million Arabs Die

From Breitbart:
All our Ambassador to the United Nations, Samantha Power, is missing is a fiddle. For the duration of the seemingly endless Syrian civil war, she has figuratively fiddled while that country burns. 
Now, with one foot out the door from a tenure that has all but obliterated her once formidable reputation as an anti-genocide activist, she’s decided to kick Israel in the teeth. 
What most amazes me about this past Friday’s anti-Israel resolution that was cooked up by Barack Obama, John Kerry, Susan Rice, and Power is not that it took place. 
We have long known that the quartet had this in the works, and my organization, The World Values Network, even took out a full page ad against the proposed UN resolution a few months back. 
Rather, the truly shocking part is that the most senior members of the American foreign policy team were pushing this resolution through while Aleppo burned. 
Just imagine — there is a genocide going on for years in the Middle East in general and Syria in particular. It involves ISIS targeting Yazidis and Christians for extermination, and, in Syria, Shia Muslims joining Alawites to exterminate Sunnis. 
This is the classic definition of genocide where an ethnic group is target for annihilation. 
As someone who has dedicated much of his public life to fighting genocide, I was once honored to support Samantha’s nomination to the UN post, even while others were outraged, because she was one of the world’s foremost voices against mass murder. That was prior to entering the Obama administration, and adopting a policy of humiliating silence as Iran threatened genocide against Israel and actual genocides were carried out in parts of Africa and the Middle East. 
Power holds her unique position for speaking truth to the world’s powers, but once in power herself, she held her tongue while people are being murdered every day in the Middle East and North Africa. Shiites and Sunnis kill each other on a daily basis throughout the Middle East while thousands die in Sudan, Nigeria, Libya and Yemen. 
Under Samantha’s watchful eye, hundreds of thousands of Syrians have died and become refugees. Let’s not forget the carnage in Syria is largely a result of Obama’s disastrous foreign policy. When he precipitously pulled American troops out of Iraq, he created a vacuum that has been filled by Iran, ISIS, al-Qaeda and other radical Islamic groups. 
Rather than work to bring down the brutal Assad regime and support Syrians who reject his totalitarian rule and the proposed Sharia law of the Muslim extremists, Power stood by while Iran and its Hezbollah terrorist puppets rushed in to bolster the tottering Assad regime.

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