Wednesday, December 21, 2016

The real problem at the root of the problems – we WISH to hold no one accountable

The real great sin of PC in America is to be found or seen, or perceived as HEARTLESS.
So when there is failure no one is accountable.
No one is fired.
No one is ostracized.
Everyone gets the participation award.
This is all WELL OUTSIDE R or D.
9/11/2001 – George Tenet remains on the job.
2003 WMD in Iraq – same outcome
2004 Iraq occupation and nation building is obviously UNPLANNED (even though Army Chief of Staff had warned 200,000 men would be required)
2007 NIE details that Iran is not interested in development of nukes
2009 Obama begins negotiations to delay Iran’s developing what they are not interested in developing?
Orlando, San Bernadino, Jeh Johson and DNI Clapper remain.
Obamacare – no problem, everyone is on the job, and Zeke REMAINS in advisory capacities.
And this is not restricted to bureaucrats.
The Navy. The LCS astounding failure from design, concept and implementation to deployment where some 53 ships are now down to 26? And crew sizing, a main cost savings is now GONE, as well as the entire raison d’etre, weapons and sensor modules cannot be mounted in a ship with little firepower and a distinct inability to take a hit.
WORSE, the DDG-100 Zumwalt class.
Obama ENDS his administration as he began, with the  BLACK PANTHERS.
From HERE, firing off the unarguable history of divisiveness with failure to pursue obvious voter intimidation:
To HERE … the Civil Rights Commission appointees he just made, ensuring Trump CANNOT make the appointments:
One of the appointees is Debo Adegbile, who was previously nominated to the Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division but was blocked by a bipartisan group of senators due to his defense of former Black Panther and convicted cop killer Mumia Abu-Jamal. Unlike that nomination, Adegbile’s appointment — which pro-police groups have described as a “slap in the face” — does not require congressional approval.
The cost?
70% of the nation simply DOES NOT ACCEPT the CIA and now the FBI saying IVAN tried to get Trump elected. We don’t BELIEVE the people we need to be able to believe. The faith is lost and the trust has been spent in POLITICAL ***STUPIDITIES***.
No one is accountable.
Lois Lerner is in rich retirement.
Mike Morell (acting director if the CIA, and admitted author of the Benghazi lies) all set.
John Brennan who tells Clinton, according to the head of the OBL task force in the CIA, NOT to kill Bin Laden, becomes HEAD of the CIA, and then argues that our retraining of ‘reformed’ jihadis is a success because the recidivism rate is no worse than that of car thieves.
Rather than seeing that people get fired, demoted or replaced, partisans struggle through tortuous paths to find the logic to call failure a success, and simultaneously place blame on others rather than work on a fix, or a replacement after ADMITTING fault.
OR- even worse- failure is protected. Consider the VA.
The 2 most responsible executives for the disaster which cost veteran’s LIVES, and caused untold misery, were demoted and transferred. Then we find out that this PROCESS required that the special, separate internal justice department for this exact purpose finds that they SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN REMOVED, and they retain pay, title, grade and position.
We have lost the HEART to ensure justice is served because people will get hurt, and have lost the vision which sees that by this failure we BUILD a system which by failing in total harms those most vulnerable.
The F-35 cannot win, the DDG-1000 can’t pass the Panama Canal without failure, we don’t have enough F-22’s, sick Vets are ignored, the Social Security system will exist on imaginary moneys, as we rack up more than $20T in debt, and the entire creaking system in order to avoid harm to anyone, will have nothing left for anyone in a society in which more and more people must chase fewer and fewer resources.

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