Saturday, December 24, 2016

German politician faces resignation calls after preventing police sharing image of Berlin truck killer


From the Daily Mail:
Till Steffen prevented law enforcers in Hamburg from releasing pictures of Anis Amri, it is claimed 
There was a 12 hour delay before the images were finally shared, while Amri was at large 
He faces call to step down, amid claims he was concerned about inciting racial hatred 
The delay was branded 'incomprehensible' by critics
What do you want to bet that guy sucks Muslim dicks in Men's Rooms?


The Last English Prince said...

So... lemme get this straight: An individual is on a spree killing holiday in Europe and there is a delay in releasing his image for fear of racial profiling? He is still at large and highly dangerous?

The man boarded trains and traveled one thousand miles without being apprehended. Thank God he did not lash out while on the rails.

Perhaps he would have been brought down in German if German politicians cared more about their own citizens.

Always On Watch said...

What the hell justifiable reason could he possibly have had for withholding this kind of information?

Maybe there is no reason. Maybe it all comes down to fear of being labeled an Islamophobe. In fact, it MUST be fear of being an Islamophobe. This fear -- which is treason and cultural suicide -- probably pervades much of the West. How do we undo this big-assed and erroneous worldview?