Saturday, December 31, 2016

@realDonaldTrump, smarter than Obama, ain’t THAT smart, fella

How do you like your ‘more flexibility after the re-election now’, moron?
We all remember Obama talking to the Russian PM at the time as if he were making a deal with Harry Reid, and thought he was off mike, never wondering if he was dealing with ‘other’, or if that might be against both the interests or desires of the people he was busy euchring as he was too frickin’ STUPID to realize we were all right there listening and watching.
That moment encapsulates Obama’s relationship with Russia and the world.
‘Ahhhh, Barry you were too ‘good’ for us.’ Is what Obama fantasizes we all will be saying in 10 years.
Except the lesson is he understood no one, and nothing at that level, and was capable of warping the nation’s policies based on fantasies of ideological similarity.
So now, after Obama exposed who he really is with the RED LINE, we got the Crimea. After Russia intervened to save one of their oldest allies (Syria), they probably heard the details of the craven attitudes of the admin from their newest asshole buddies from Teheran, and we got Ukraine.
THAT is the world stripped of ideology.
My mother used to tell me I was ‘smart, smart, dumb’ when I was growing up at PS 6 in the Bronx in the 50’s. I would get 100 in tests but get beat up. I had no idea how to exist outside of academic ‘reality’. So one day after I came home from Yankee Stadium with one of those souvenir bats about a foot long, but pretty thick and Fat Stanley, who was twice my size (and I was always the smallest kid in the class), approached to take half my lunch money (again), he got it in the knees. For nearly 5 minutes. Third grade. It never happened again and the principal who had to call my grandmother excused me (1957, people) because I was a good student. I got it. Right then.
Back in the real world, when (according to BOTH the FBI and CIA in their just published report) one of the mooks in the DNC, along with John Podesta, opened an email which probably had as a subject, ‘Satisfy any woman with this one weird trick’ before plotting to screw Bernie (AND ALL HIS VOTERS) and figure out how to surreptitiously bring in ‘BLEACH IT’ to kill all those incriminating and ugly emails, and Russians at APT 28 and 29 giggled at the idiot(s) who DID open the zip file jpg of a gaping anus and gave them access to the server and emails, THAT pissed off Obama because as we all know, losing an election affecting 4 years is far more important than national security. Obama’s reaction?
PHASE 1 >> “CUT IT OUT” (said to Pooty poot) and delegitimize the winner of the election because he and his party had performed the UNIMAGINABLE task of creating the Russians as the purveyors of truth to the HOAXED American people.
PHASE 2 >> create the Progressive Birther Movement by pushing the idea that Trump is in the pocket of, and a tool of Putin, and that Trump had been ‘cultivated’ by IVAN as far back as 1987 when he was considering putting up a hotel.
This, of course, is why Flynn, former head of the DIA is national security adviser, and James Mattis is SecDef, and Trump is going to expand the Navy and Air Force, by 30-40% and wants to modernize our nuclear forces (like the 1950’s designed, and 1970’s deployed Minuteman III’s which remain our ONLY ICBM)
How difficult was it for Putin to outsmart this level of leadership by Obama (especially after the insane abstention on the UN resolution attacking one of our 2 best allies ON THE PLANET)?
Let’s ask Khameini, Rouhani and Zarif  who just got $10.7bn in cash and gold as immediate sanctions relief, and who received the PERSONAL thanks of the evil moronic unicorn Kerry after this:
In the 1980's, the USSR had developed the SS-18 which carried 10, 1 megaton warheads and was accurate to about 100 yards. They deployed this ICBM in the hundreds. The warheads and accuracy meant they could wipe out ALL of our ICBM deterrent in a first strike. Simultaneously they were about to deploy the brand new SS-20 in the western USSR and eastern Europe. Reagan responded with the MX ICBM, and the Pershing II missile systems (which could wipe out Kremlin leadership nuclear bunkers 5 minutes from launch), and OPENLY discussing the US going to a launch on warning for Minuteman III’s in case of detected first strike.
The result (after a lot of nervousness) … landmark weapons reductions treaties. We never had to deploy either weapon and they greatly reduced the SS-18’s, dropped the warheads on each and never deployed the SS-20’s in eastern Europe.
That is the real world.
Obama is not in it.
All you have to do is RECOGNIZE that and act on it. That doesn’t take brains. Just balls.
Whose balls do you trust now with the next president?
Are you scared and nervous by that thought?
Imagine Moscow, Teheran, Beijing, Pyongyang.
‘That new guy … maybe he is crazy. He might do … anything in any sphere. Trade, military, treaties, bases ….We understood Obama.’
Putin is not that smart. He is CUNNING. He wants Crimea, Ukraine, nervous Baltic states which he feels NATO scarfed, allies and influence, and some kind of new imperial Russia. He wants to be king of the middle east. We have HELPED him achieve all this. We don’t have to be in oppositional defiance to whatever Russia wants, but we will find ourselves in opposition to most of what they want out of national security.
We just have to understand that “CUT IT OUT” is not what they respond to.
So if they are spearphishing morons at the DNC with the intent of damaging our faith in our elective process the right answer is to put a nice “HELLO KITTY” or Three Stooges jpg on the screen of their rocket forces command and control computers for 20 seconds or so (not kick out 35 diplos and announce a ‘covert action may happen’ > rendering it non covert).
I guarantee you not only will they understand HELLO KITTY and Moe, Larry, and Curly, they will be kept very busy for a while.


Always On Watch said...

A while back, Pasto said, "Obama thinks that talking is action." Or something very like that.

Your words We just have to understand that “CUT IT OUT” is not what they respond to are a corollary to what Pasto said.

The lead editorial in yesterday's WaPo stated flat out that the foreign policy of the past 8 years has been a failure. True statement! Extending a hand and drawing meaningless red lines -- more than catastrophic.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to have a real POTUS - one who doesn't mind turning the knife, on New Year's Eve.

Donald J. Trump ‏@realDonaldTrump 5h
5 hours ago

Happy New Year to all, including to my many enemies and those who have fought me and lost so badly they just don't know what to do. Love!


Pastorius said...

You too, Tammy.