Friday, December 30, 2016

The moral bankruptcy of Muslims

From the crazy world of Muslim Girl:
Earlier this year, we posted the first part of our list of Islamophobic attacks, compiled from sources such as The Huffington Post’s Islamophobia tracker, CAIR, and #HateHurts. This list has now been updated to include all attacks — defined by MuslimGirl as both verbal and nonverbal (i.e., physical or political) acts of prejudice or discrimination rooted in a fear or dislike of Islam and Muslims — from the date of the first debate of this 2016 Presidential election cycle to Dec. 30, 2016.
[Emphasis mine.]
Note the title of the article. Hate Crime Watch: 569 Islamophobic Attacks in 512 Days. So, if you display any dislike of Islam, that counts as a hate crime. A few samples of such "hate" follow.
August 13, 2015 – Islamophobe and disgraced ex-FBI officer John Guandolo provides anti-Muslim law enforcement training in Centennial, CO.
August 17, 2015 – Columbus Mayor Michael B. Coleman voices his support for city Police Chief Kim Jacobs’s decision to ban officers from wearing hijabs. Ismahan Isse, a Somali Muslim American recruit, had been forced to leave the academy in March when she was refused her right to religious accommodation.
August 21, 2015 – Presidential hopeful and Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker makes the claim that there are only a “handful of reasonable, moderate followers of Islam” while on the campaign trail in New Hampshire.
Literally dozens of non-Muslims were shot and murdered by Muslims in America in the past year. The "hateful" infidels didn't reply in kind. So, the BS of "Islamophobic Attacks" was pumped up. 569 attacks! In one year! Where uppity infidels say unkind things about Islam!

Muslims truly are morally mediocre. Scott Walker is right.

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