Sunday, October 28, 2007

Al Qaeda Website Confirms Plans For An American Hiroshima

Remember, if you see a blinding flash of light, turn your face away from the windows (hat tip to Michael):



Author of The Day of Islam

The Global Islamic Media Front, the leading al Qaeda website, has posted a report that verifies Osama bin Laden's possession of nuclear weapons and his intent, if provoked, to deploy these weapons against the United States.

The report maintains that bin Laden, when asked what will happen if the US uses nukes against his terrorist organization, said: "If they hit us with them, we will hit them with the same."
In November 2001, bin Laden provided a similar response to the same question during an interview with Hamid Mir. ""We have chemical and nuclear weapons," he told the Pakistani journalist. "If America uses chemical or nuclear weapons against us, then we may resort with chemical or nuclear weapons." When Mir asked bin Laden where he obtained such weapons, the al Qaeda leader said: "It is not difficult [to acquire such weapons], not if you have contacts in Russia and with other militant groups."

The Global Islamic Media Front report goes on to say that al Qaeda, prior to 9/11, had commissioned an Egyptian scientist to prepare its arsenal of nuclear weapons - - obtained from arms dealers, such as Semion Mogilevich of the Ukraine and black-market sources in Russia, Chechnya, China, Kazakhstan, Iran, and Sudan. This scientist, according to the Front, "tested exploding a miniature nuclear bomb and caused a huge, tremendous explosion which made the leaders of the mujahadeen very happy. Sheikh Osama personally was following the project through its various phases."

This account, too, was verified by Mir, who during the course of a conversation with intelligence analyst Ryan Mauro, said that the Egyptian scientist, in question, had lost an eye during a test of a radiological bomb in the Kunar province of Afghanistan. Mir related the same information to Polish journalist David Dastych.

During the course of his conversation with Mauro, Mir said that he had personally verified al Qaeda's smuggling of "three suitcase nukes from Russia to Europe" and "many kilos of enriched uranium" to the United States for the construction of "more than six dirty bombs."

"I lost track of the three suitcase nukes after they were smuggled into Italy," Mir said. "I tried my best to get more information about those bombs but I am only one man. I only received one tip that Chechen members of Al-Qaeda wanted to smuggle one bomb into London, one into Paris, and one into California, but some dispute developed with the Italian underworld over the method of payment. This was in the year 2000.

"Al-Qaeda leaders claimed to have deployed their tactical weapons inside America. But when I tried to track the transportation of those weapons from Georgia, I lost track in Italy. I don't know the location of these today because my source left Afghanistan for Iraq last year. On the other hand, they claimed to me that weapons were smuggled to America through Mexico."


BACKGROUNDER: Compiled by Bill Gertz

Report details Bin Laden's 'implementation program' for nuclear weapons An Al Qaida website last week provided new information on Osama Bin Laden's intention to use nuclear weapons.
The Global Islamic Media Front, an Islamist organization that posts online messages and is associated with Al Qaida, published a profile of Bin Laden's personal habits and statements.
The report stated that when a "brother" would ask him what if the United States "hits us with nuclear weapons," bin Laden would answer: "If they hit us with them, we will hit them with the same."

The report said an Egyptian nuclear scientist was commissioned to prepare nuclear weapons and to buy equipment for them prior to the September 11 terrorist attacks.


Anonymous said...

I'm trying to find the original source "Global Islamic Media Front". I'm assuming it was translated by MEMRI? Of Laura Mansfield? Please email me and let me know.

Pastorius said...

Yes, I will try to get that for you.

Citizen Warrior said...

Debbie, is this what you're looking for? Special Dispatch Series - No. 1621.

Anonymous said...

Well, the only "source" I can find is a 2005 article from World Net Daily (as unreliable as that source is). The MEMRI linked translation says nothing about nuclear weapons or the "so-called" American Hiroshima.

I, too, would be interested in the source material.

Michael Travis said...

There is a lot of material out there, Bill Gertz (Washington Times)Paul Williams and others spend great amounts of time and money for background material, bloggers should do the same. The information is out there.

Here's a link to some eye-opening films;

Anonymous said...

Michael - good "attempt" but that link, unless it was pasted incorrectly (since when you put it up here it wasn't "hot linked") doesn't lead anywhere. If "they" spend alot of time and money for background material, where is it? Or is "information" to be taken at face value because of who they are?

As for the admonition about bloggers doing the same, I submit to you that what I seek is confirmation that this so-called "confirmation" about the coming American Hiroshima is new information and not a rehashing of something from two or three years ago.

Michael Travis said...

I offered the material (at Archive.Org) as a good start for any inquiry into the press releases and videos put out under the banner of the "Global Islamic Media Front".

Most journalists and investigators guard such sources, but I, out of the generosity of my great, big, Israeli heart, gave up some tasty tit-bits, believing "Stormwarning" to be a serious blogger.....apparently I was mistaken. Ol' Stormy is obviously a compulsive flamer...trolling for excitement. I am far too busy to waste time with such creatures.

Anonymous said...


If you see me as a "compulsive flamer" then you haven't read a thing I've written. Why not just keep on reading the so-called "information sources." As for the information I could get from the (thanks for that by the way, it might come in handy), I still have no source for the claims made in this original post. If seeking the naswers is flaming in your mind, then so be it!

PS: I usually research my stuff before I post it, not afterward. Therein lies a very big difference.

Michael Travis said...

Mr.William s's books contain extensive bibliographies, as do the works of Bill Gertz...unfortunately such niceties are rarely seen in the pages of web-logs and online mmagazines.

Anonymous said...

OK, Michael, let me make this simple for you. You click on your name and you are led to a blank profile, and yet you pontificate on blogging. The question on the table is that this post starts with the words, "The Global Islamic Media Front, the leading al Qaeda website, has posted a report that verifies Osama bin Laden's possession of nuclear weapons and his intent, if provoked, to deploy these weapons against the United States."

I'm interested in seeing a link to that report so I can read it (and frankly, so I can confirm that it even exists). I think that the quote (above) refers to a release from 2005 and that it is not new news.

Whether or not Williams and Gertz' books contain bibliographies is not the issue. Nor is the issue your judgment that blogs don't provide references to the material they post. Some blogs actually fact check before they post something for the "world" to see.

You're welcome to come and critique my .

woefully researched site and then you can peruse, among other posts,

Standards of Responsible Journalism?

No one is perfect, but fact checking and referencing makes a credible presentation.

By the way, I am pretty certain that the reference to the GIMF report will be forthcoming.

Anonymous said...

Pastorius and Michael, thanks for the links and emails. Much appreciated.

Third Rail said...

Call in and check out our interview tonight at 8PM EST with Dr. Paul L. Williams, author of The Day of Islam at

Anonymous said...

I would like to first apologize to people around the world, including so-called terrorists with legitimate grievances against the United States of America, for our often destructive foreign policy and economic greed. Though American citizens have lost control of the actions of their government in significant ways, they are responsible for the loss as well as the actions.

The loss has resulted in a populace largely unaware and unconcerned with it's actions throughout the world, veiled as efforts to spread democracy and promote peace. The actions have resulted in the deaths of millions of innocent people throughout the world, and this is unacceptable, sometimes benevolent intentions notwithstanding. I therefore would like to say emphatically that I will do everything that I can to understand and acknowledge past wrongs as well as prevent future atrocities. It feels to me as though my hands are drenched with the blood and tears of many others, and I want to do what I can to make it up to them and their families, if I may be allowed (God-willing.)

I do not believe that American's have ever been attacked by individuals who simply "hate us for our freedom." I think that the terrorists who attacked us on September 11 were motivated by the murder of perhaps a half a million Iraqi children through sanctions imposed chiefly by the United States. Unqualified support for the illegal Israeli occupation has undoubtedly had some influence. A general lack of respect for the sovereignty, culture, and inherent worth of Middle Easterners (and everyone across the globe) equal to that of any American citizen also comes to mind. I think that America is to blame for 9/11 at least as much as Afghanistan or Iraqi (speaking generally), and that U.S. citizens would do justice to themselves and their Creator by engaging in some serious, honest soul searching and self-education.

I am hurt by the events of 9/11, for my failure to see it coming, for my failure to prevent it, for the fact that I as an American inspired hatred sufficient to murder their fellow man, within brothers and sisters on the other side of the Earth that I have never had the pleasure to meet.

I am sorry, and I promise that I will do better. I give my life to this cause.

Though I am not religious, I believe in Allah/God at least as much as I do not, and I would like to represent what I believe is an important perspective from both Muslim and Christian standpoints. I do not pretend to be an expert, but I do know that Jesus (peace be upon him) is considered a prophet by both camps. And Jesus instructed us to love our enemies; to turn the other cheek. In addition, it is my belief that most Holy texts represent God as, above all, Love. I would also like to reference the golden rule (obviously the will of a Creator if one does indeed exist): do unto others as you would have others do unto you.

With that said, I would like to say emphatically that I love you all.

Osama Bin Laden, to you and all of your followers, to all jihadists unaffiliated with Al Qaeda, I love you; I love you so much. I apologize for all I have done to you as a representative of America, and also that which I have failed to do for you. I wish so much that we could sit down and have a conversation about this world, about our families. I intend to learn Arabic so that I can do just that, someday. Perhaps I can prepare a meal for your family; I'm a decent cook.

Perhaps I do not believe everything that you believe; philosophically, theologically, sociologically. But I do believe that I am my brothers keeper. I want to love my neighbor. I understand that the best way to serve a creative God, is to serve his creation; i.e. mankind, of which I am an insignificant portion of a fantastic whole.

You are welcome in my home, and I will extend the invitation if we should ever meet on American soil. And perhaps I can make it out to Wazuristan some day, and everywhere else in the world, especially where American's are hated or disliked. I am not concerned about my safety, about what will happen to me if I approach you. I am more concerned about what will happen to everyone else, my family, your families, if I do not reach out a hand in hopes that we can reconcile our differences and move forward as a human family.

I am regretful about 9/11, but I am even more so with respect to the 9/11 times 1,000 that we have inflicted upon the Middle East in response. I wish that the US government had just stood back and took an honest look at why this happened. Our response has inspired more hatred and endangered US citizens more than ever. America must stop this cycle of violence, and I am apart of the movement that seeks this end that is consistent with religious and ethical principles.

I'm not going to proofread this, but I am going to end this rant, because I believe that my main points have been stated; my general intention has been accomplished.

To those that have done harm to me, either indirectly or directly, I love you. I do not wish to retaliate, but only to forgive. I would also like to say (and this statement is directed to every living being) that I think that we should get together and discuss issues that are important to us both, and work out differences that make this life and our concomitant pursuits of happiness difficult, and simply enjoy each others company and perspective.

It is certainly not my intention, to offend any of my fellow citizens, but I believe that what I have said is right and true. I have thought about these things for some time, and felt obligated to express my feelings.

To everyone in the world, have an excellent day, and say hello to the family for me. I truly hope that we can meet someday, in this life or the next, if we haven't already met in one previously. My name is Kurtis and I live in Oklahoma.


I just want to say that, when I mention "everyone" above, I mean everyone but Canadians. I just don't like those people ;)