Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Glenn Beck Is Absolutely Right!

In answer to WC's post here, I want to say that it is my opinion that Glenn Beck is not only absolutely right, but that he is even righteous in what he is saying.

Watch the video, and then read my words.

WC says, "I hope he’s wrong."

I don't want to be equivocal here in any manner.

I don't hope he is wrong.

In fact, I know he is right, and I have been saying the same thing for several years now.

And, let's be clear, it is kind to tell Muslims this, because it is the truth. There are many decent Muslims out there, but they are not stepping up and speaking out, and that is going to put them in grave danger, if we get hit by a massive WMD attack here in the West.

Muslims are in real trouble. And, they don't understand it. They will be gone.

What would you expect to happen? Would you expect that if we got nuked, and didn't know who we could trust among the Muslim community, that we ought to just allow them to run free anyway?

Does that make any sense?

So far, no appreciable group of Muslims has stepped forward and made any far-reaching statement against Jihad and Sharia.

In fact, there are no moderate Muslim political organizations, academic institutions, media outlets, or governments, anywhere in the entire world.

What does that tell you?


WATCHER71 said...

I talk to Muslims constantly and tell them this....but they just don't get it.....the indoctrination is just so deep.....

Pastorius said...

It is pathetic and sad.

WATCHER71 said...

Vids gone? The misses wanted to see it...

Pastorius said...

Try again. It plays for me.

Watcher71, for some reason, I never pictured you with a "misses."

I always pictured you as a young guy out there playing the field. Don't know why.

I've been married a long time. I guess I'm just projecting.


WC said...

I think Pastorius and I are approaching the same answer from different perspectives.

We have to face the double bind we are in. If Muslims see our response as what Beck has said we will be thrown into a Constitutional crisis. Locking up Muslim-Americans is going to create a civil rights crisis this country has never seen.

Should it be done? It was done in WWII with Japanese Americans AND German Americans. The Japanese-American internment lasted the entire war. The German-American interment only a year or two.

We must be aware that such perceived persecution of Muslims in America and the West will prove what the Jihadists have been saying. The West is in a holy war with Islam. That’s over a billion Muslims now to deal with who are being radicalized.

What do we do about that? Nuke them all? Not reasonable.

Pastorius said...

We don't have to "nuke them all."

I've proposed a solution on this blog many times, and probably on your radio show as well. The answer is:

1) Deport a large number of radical Muslims

2) Wait to see who complains

3) Deport them

4) Rinse and repeat as needed.

What Joe Citizen has to say may also happen on a large basis, especially in Europe.

Anonymous is a nut if he thinks Americans are going to sit by and allow a silent Muslim population live in our country in the case that we had been hit by a nuclear weapon.

Anonymous said...


I like your solution!

Anonymous said...

I just published an article yesterday that I will now send to those Muslims who write to me (as I'm sure they write to you) about how you've got it all wrong and Islam is really a religion of peace.

It's called A Message To Peaceful Muslims.

WATCHER71 said...

CW, yea I read that article...very well written....and absolutely true.
Pas, HaHA! you always make me laugh guy! No I was a wild stallion until recently!!LOL.....then I found a really good woman and decided to stick around.LOL...although so much eye candy....Joe citizen is right to raise a note of caution.....we must remain ethically pure and still win. That is the problem with being the good guys.....! When I play the situation out (my academic discipline is Sociology and Geo Political history) I can unfortunately see, ultimately, the genocide of Muslims. I am extremely uncomfortable with this....but the fact is YOU CANNOT NEGOTIATE PEACE WITH AN ENEMY THAT DOESN'T WANT PEACE AND IN FACT WANTS YOUR DESTRUCTION. This is the key factor here. The Islamic agenda/programme has all ready laid plans Ultimately for the Extermination of the Infidel.....Us.

How to negotiate/create a peace with an enemy like that?.....Didn't the Jewish elite in Germany attempt to lobby for their people in the early days of Hitler's regime. Did it work? could argue that a long term occupation followed by a long term process of resocialisation could save them....I think this is naive and would infact inflame them. For the Muslim it is a win win situation what ever move we make. Appease them....Islam wins....Attack them....Islam wins....Do nothing Islam ...wins (by wins I mean gets the conflict they want).

We are paralysed by this. We must begin (at least) to prepare for the inevitable. For a start...can we please stop letting future insurgents into our countries to live....If somebody has a realistic alternative....please chip in.