Friday, October 26, 2007


Given the way most of us pay any real attention to the tenets of our faith, life really wouldn’t be that different if we were to exchange one faith for another.
The prayers would be different, but we would recite them just as mindlessly as we do today. The sermons would in all likelihood be exactly the same, and we’d continue to snore through them.
Sure, there are a few people here and there who take religion seriously, but they are in such a small minority that their protests can be easily ignored.
All in all, converting to Islam would be a small price to pay for an end to the killing and maiming of our sons and daughters, not to mention the billions of dollars we could put to better use than fighting this perpetual war.

Assume the position, guys.

Fuck that!


Always On Watch said...

That last paragraph quoted here???

Madness. Absolute madness.

Anonymous said...

Seems rather odd, coming from KOS, as the gays will be quickly lined up and stoned in the streets...

The Merry Widow said...

Pastorias-I'm swiping that next to the last part, with attribution of course! Donal will die when I send it to her!


Pastorius said...

Good point, Ogre. I didn't even think of making that point for some reason.

They are idiots, aren't they?

Pastorius said...

The Merry Widow,
Good to see you here. Thanks for stopping by.

Nora (LV) said...

This is pure madness.

Dag said...

This is pure comedy. Whoever wrote that was taking the piss out of Kos kids.

I suffered through many of the comments there, and some actually thought is was a good idea, though most were upset, given that converting to Islam would ruin their self-images of cool people, they being suddenly knocked back to the 7th century when life was significantly tougher than it is in Hollywood. When push came to shove, they backed off in a hurry, claiming they don't really like Islam after-all, it's just, you see, that they want world peace and an end to American (fill in the blank.)

It's a good piece of parody.

Pastorius said...

I was just thinking about emailing you today.

Are you ever gonna start helping us here again?

I hope so.

Hey, what do you mean? Do you think this was written as parody? I took it as being serious. Am I wrong?

Dag said...

I'm sure it's parodic. I don't think one would find anyone on the Left as silly as that, but I think it's easy to find someone smart enough to pull a joke on them. A matter of odds.

And here I am because I went to my mail to write you letter, long since the last.

I have things going on I wonder if others are experiencing as well: I've been known in this field for some years now as something of a hard-liner regarding my attitude toward Islam and the Left dhimmi fascism that promotes it as proxy in our time; I find myself more and more deeply involved in discovering the depths of our problem with neo-feudalist Left communitarians, those I refer to as povertarians, meaning that the deeper I go into the history of the Left and commnitarianism, the less I'm willing to indulge vacillation and turpitude, the inability some have of facing reality, and the moral bankruptcy of many others who simply care not at all and know they don't care and don't care about that. In other words, the more committed I become to the concept of war against the Left and assorted post-modernist fascisms the more I find others shying away from me. Thus:

Recently, and we'll find out more soon, SOIE members in Denmark were attacked. I suggested they act like responsible and professional adults by forming, (and this is where I find myself shunned,)a self-defense organization along the lines of the IRA.

I looked carefully at self-defense and para-military organizations, eliminating Ha Ganah and the Tupamaros. The IRA for many reasos is a good model for those of us commtted to fighting Left and Islamic fascisms in the West. But I seem to be frightening and upsetting my colleagues here. I find myself, already on the margins of intellectual response to Left and Islamic fascisms, to be further from the mainstream as we go further and further from our original point, ie. 9/11. The more some of us learn about the nature of the fascisms in question, the more frightened some become that we are indeed facing a genuine shooting war and there will be no more talk to talk about. Among my own here I find myself shut out as unreasonable and uncompromising -- at best.

Middle-class men in suits, women in high heeled shoes involved in something akin to the IRA? Am I crazy? Or, as one of my colleagues here put it: "You're crazy."

I see that some here are following the hard-line I took some many years back. Is it simply frustration or do we see the truth and are we willing to act on the necessary realties it presents us. Maybe I'm just a cranky guy with a need to hate for my own amusement, as one of my colleagues suggests. I beg to differ, which is likely another example of my incorrigible nature.

Given recent events, especially in Denmark, is the formation of a self-defense organ based on the IRA a lunatic idea? Some here who think along those lines will automatically join in agreeing with me, but what about others who might not have thought of these things? As we come closer and closer to war outright, what is the consensus? Are people genuinely afraid now that the obvious is obvious? There is more frequent violence from our jihadi opponents daily, and there is no escaping the conclusion that there will be further increase as time progresses till we are literally engulfed in flames and blood. Ar the desperate crying loudly for dialogue out of nervousness and the knowledge they have no real hope? Or am I misreading this whole situation? I'd like to know what others in this field think.

Do we need a Modernist
Revolutionary Army? or am I just a crank?

"Modernist Revolutionary Army of the Just" is one of my later pieces at the reprized No Dhimmitude.

(Will write privately soon.)

Pastorius said...

A good friend of mine grew up in a family that was completely enmeshed in one of the major Irish underground armies. His father was the equal of a capogregime in the Godfather.

My friend grew up getting into fights wherever he went because he was known as the son of the man who ...

Plus, it was just the way the neighborhood (Belfast) was.

If he walked down the street all of the sudden he was in the wrong part of the neighborhood and a gang would jump him.

I have several other friends who grew up Christian in Muslim countries.

The point is, I know people who grew up in politically-driven violent situations. I know people who grew up with what we call "terrorism."

All these people tell me I am brave to do what I do. I tell them I am not brave, I am just ignorant. I haven't been through it, so I do it out of my ignorance. If I had been through what they had been through I might sit on my hands, like they do.

I don't really know, though.

I am convinced of this:

1) European countries need to form a new class of political parties which are anti-Islamofascist in nature, but whose vision is bigger than that simply. These political parties need to be something like what you call "an America of the mind." In other words, they need to be absolutely Free Democratic Republics, which uphold a Bill of Rights. (As you see from a post I put up last night, we consider advocating for Islam/Sharia to be sedition here at IBA.)

2) Europeans need to become prepared, mentally and physically, to fight for themselves. By this I mean, they need to become prepared mentally and physically to fight against, not just Muslims but, their own governments. Why? Because their governments have ceased to represent Free Western Democracy and Human Rights. Their governments have ceased to represent their own people.

I wouldn't pretend to know when the first shot ought to be fired in the coming war. I'm guessing there will be many skirmishes along the way before the real war finally breaks out. However, I would never know when those triggers ought to be pulled, nor would I know when the hammer needs to be brought down on the head.

I will say this, the Danish attack is a perfect example of a time when it would have been a good thing for that man to have had a group of bodyguards, and those bodyguards should have been armed with something more than just their fists.

I believe that the best way to prepare Europe for its future is to look to the past. What did Westerners have to go through to gain and maintain their freedom and their culture in the past?

Well, they had to fight many battles with the "Moors" (Muslims). They had to stand against their own governments. Americans had to form militias, which eventually banded into an army. Americans had to fight against King George. America men who signed the Declaration of Independence had to serve jailtime for sedition. They had to be beat up and sometimes face the noose itself.

Unfortunately, I believe we are headed, once again, into such times. It is going to take quite a large amount of courage from quite a few people, but I believe we will find it. In fact, ultimately, I believe we will find even more than we need.

I believe Western Civilization has set itself upon an inevitable course of self-improvement guided by reason, instructed by the Judeo-Christian tradition. I believe reason, guided by the Judeo-Christian tradition is stronger than any other force on Earth, and it is what has led to the last 2000 years of progress for humanity.

What, you say, Pastorius? But, what about the Dark Ages? There was a major impedence in progress, wasn't there?

Yes, there was. And, why was that?

Because of the Muslims, largely, right?

Am I right, or am I wrong? I'll let others weigh in.

For now, I want to point out something interesting about history. Think back to what you learned into school. Remember the rhyme,

"In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue."

Think about the Renaissance. When was it said to have begun? Well, its gestation is said to have begun with the ideas of Dante in the late 13th century. But, in history, ideas precede action by many years (this process has speeded up with the advancement of communications.) But, really, when you think of the Renaissance, who do you think of? Leonardo Da Vinci, right? When did he live? 1452-1519.

And, what else was going on then?

Hmm, what could it be?

Well, how about the EXPULSION OF THE MOORS.

In fact, if you look at history books, the Expulsion of the Moors is said to have taken place in 1492.

Isn't that a coincidence?

No, it isn't, is it?

Nora (LV) said...

Pastorius: "Europeans need to become prepared, mentally and physically, to fight for themselves. By this I mean, they need to become prepared mentally and physically to fight against, not just Muslims but, their own governments. Why? Because their governments have ceased to represent Free Western Democracy and Human Rights. Their governments have ceased to represent their own people."
I have been saying that for so long that seeing you wrote it, makes me feel happy. Someone sees the same problem I see. This is not merely a fight against Islamofascism. This is a fight for real democracy and against the actual stablishment which is more dangerous in itself (the citizens do not really control the power as it should be) than Islamists, because that's an exterior problem while the actual Governments are inner ones.
The day Europeans (or Zeropeans as some call us here) begin to understand that they should be active in controlling the political power, most of the problems will end. That's why the Italian Government has tried to pass a law by which the bloggers were going to be obliged to registrate their blogs, to tell their names and to pay a tax. Luckily, the own Government has announced (after the storm in Italian and international blogosphere) to exclude the bloggers. Some of Zapatero's fans also wanted to pass here a similar law.
Because nowadays European bloggers are the most important way of citizenship's control of power. And that's terrible for them.

Pastorius said...

Hi Lady Vorzheva,
I know this comment was meant for another thread, but I have to respond to it where it landed. I hope you receive the response.

I hadn't heard about that Italian law. That's frightening. I'm glad free speech won out in that case.

I agree with you that Freedom will come the day Europeans realize they have to take active control of their governments. I don't think that day is far off anymore.

Nora (LV) said...

No, Pastorius, I had left it here, before I saw you have written the post specially for that.

I hadn't heard about that Italian law. That's frightening. I'm glad free speech won out in that case.

I'm sorry for not writing more about the situation here. I will try to write something for IBA about the blogosphere here.

Pastorius said...

Don't feel bad. There's only so much time in the day.

Dag said...

I'd forgotten what this thread is about: "Should we give up and give in?" Should we all just stop the struggle and convert to Islam.

I'm sure it was one of ours having fun. It's a post I wish I'd written. "Hey, are you simply going to roll over and get had? or are you going to accept that it's a real struggle that requires commitment, effort, and sacrifice?"

We have to look on this as we would on any enterprise we might endeavor. We have to look at the risks, the investments, the time and energy, the potential for success, our aptitudes. We have to look on this as a profit-making venture. Save the Western World? Fine, but what's in it for me?

Well, not much of nuttin' if we go about it like fools flapping our arms. I look at SIOE (Denmark) and ask if they are so naive that they risked being killed without having the slightest idea such could happen. And now I ask what they'll do for next time. Are they fools? Will they take this seriously and make sure their enterprise is successful? Do they have a plan? What is their goal? Would I invest in it?

They have specific needs. Are they acting to ensure they meet them? If not, maybe we should just give up and convert rather than be beaten to death in underground parkades.