Monday, October 22, 2007

If This Is the Shape of the Conservative Party to Come, Then All I Can Say Is This: Shame on the Tories!

BNP: Labour may be the party of government and so deservedly gets the blame for allowing the creeping Islamification of our country but the leading party of opposition is not far behind Labour in its dhimmitude. The Conservatives want Muslim votes as eagerly as does Labour as it haemorrhages support amongst its traditional base of “middle England”.

The Conservative Muslim Forum, a body set up by David Cameron to advise the Conservatives on Muslim issues has criticised the Government's relationship with Israel and concluded that Iran has "legitimate" reasons for wanting nuclear weapons.

The Conservative Muslim Forum also wants the compulsory history curriculum in schools changed to give "full recognition to the massive contribution that Islam has made to the development of Western civilisation".

It also argues that preachers who advocate a rejection of democracy and its institutions should not be denied entry into Britain. Conservatives chase Muslim votes (more)

NB: Mark Alexander does not support any party. He is the independent voice of reason.

Mark Alexander


WATCHER71 said...

Agree with the sentiment....VERY uncomfortable about the source! Don't let the BNP mug you..

Mark said...

Watcher 71:

Don't worry! The BNP won't fool me. In fact, NO party will. But I thought this was a good piece.

I believe in giving everyone a chance. But don't run away with the idea that I am in anyway a sympathizer. I am not. But it is a sad thing to say, it is about the only party in the UK which understands the Islamic threat, or at least it is the only party willing to articulate their thoughts on the matter.

You did see my rider at the bottom, didn't you?

Pastorius said...

We need a new party across the world.

Support the Center for Vigilant Freedom.

WATCHER71 said...

Yes indeed we do.....I'm almost ready to be active on this.....Just been a crazy couple of months....but I'm committed and recruiting support for Vig Freedom.....soon infidels....soon.....hey think we could get Atlas shrugs to the launch....? LOL...!

Pastorius said...

Regarding Atlas and Vigilant Freedom, check this out:

and this:

What do you think of that?

Anonymous said...

I don't think the quarrel between LGF and Atlas is a big deal. I'll start worrying when it's a Hamas-versus-Fatah type dispute.

WATCHER71 said...

Well yes absolutely, there is a danger that the fight against an Islamic Europe will attract some less than ethically desirable parties, cynically hoping to capitalise on a real and growing issue to gain popular support and power in order to then push a Neo Nazi agenda. Of course. I expect this and pay very close attention to the continental right. My family in Europe are certainly well to the right, the key frustration being ....yes you guessed it...unintegrated barbaric Muslims...Pamela is hot....politically she is far on the political right of the same cause I support....and the danger is that Americans from that end of the spectrum will instinctively look to associate with right wing Political parties in Europe...seeking European allies. In doing this they can often overlook or (stupidly) choose to ignore 'some' of the politics of this new voice speaking out against an Islamic Europe.......If there were Nazi's present....then their presence devalues the moral high ground of our cause....and as such should be exposed. I don't think we have the time or resources to fight amongst ourselves....if we do ...then Mo wins..

Pastorius said...

Hey Watcher71,
You know how I asked you for links regarding the Swiss Party? Would you also be able to provide me with some links regarding the Vlaams Blok and Vlaams Belang?

Do you consider them to be racist parties?

WATCHER71 said...

Vlaams Blok...the Netherlands or Belgian ?

WATCHER71 said...

Sorry Mark, I should have replied earlier.....yes of course ...I saw the footnote....and I understand it's the sentiment you agree do I. Unfortunately a lot of people are taken in by them... and it weakens us when the only party selling a message that is remotley related to reality.....are White supremacist Nationalists.

WATCHER71 said... decide. What I do know is that they are pissed.....unfortunately....justly. Muslims haven't assimilated anywhere in Europe and Europeans are just a lot more direct....

WATCHER71 said...

(than Brits!)

Pastorius said...

Vlaams Blok and Vlaams Belang are not, so far as I can tell, racist parties at this time. As far as I know, there were many Nazi sympathizers involved in the party back in the 70's. I think that over the years they have been stifled and removed.

But, I could be wrong.

Charles, at LGF, seems to think they are racist. He is usually an unimpeachable source, but he has provided scant information this time.

Pastorius said...

Here are some quotes attributed to Filip DeWinter, the leader of Vlaams Belang (the one whom Charles was expressing concern about):

"Vlaams Blok says: Our own people first!! And yes, Vlaams Blok chooses a Flemish Flanders. And yes, Vlaams Blok chooses a white Europe!" (Vlaams Blok-meeting, 1991)

"When my daughter comes home with a lesbian girlfriend, a Muslim or a negro, I'll know I raised her wrong. But it's her own choice." (May 17, 2007 Jensen!)

I've also read on other occasions, from other writers, that Vlaams Belang has racist ties. There seems to be some confusion on this subject. However, if those quotes are supported by the party, then there is no doubt, is there?

WATCHER71 said...

To clarify....this is a tough one to call.

'"Vlaams Blok says: Our own people first!! And yes, Vlaams Blok chooses a Flemish Flanders. And yes, Vlaams Blok chooses a white Europe!" (Vlaams Blok-meeting, 1991)'

To me that statement clearly shows a WP undertone...Problem is that there is some justification....not an excuse....but seeing how immigration has worked in Europe...particularly Muslim immigration....I remember the Bronx in the 80's ....and the word 'Ghetto' comes to mind....we don't have ghetto's in the UK...(we have shit hole council estates....but no real ghetto's)....but on the continent....well...Every Belgium I have ever met has expressed some sympathy for the Nazi' are they racist....sorry to depress you....but I would say yes. Europe is fucked....because the Jihadi's have awoken the Euro monster that ended in Belsen...that vid at the top of the page is right on the money...The Muslims are heading towards a question. I'm so gutted about Switzerland....such a beautiful country....I used to attend international summer camps there....and my experiences were always positive....even with the general public. and my girl want to load up the Jag and do a grand tour of Europe.....Today I would be worried about getting Lynched. From the (not so) friendly Spaniards to the French copper who refused to believe that I was British because my skin was brown....even after seeing my passport....Canada here I come! I think the Continentals just don't know how to handle this default to Nazi mode....Culture, identity and belonging are all about socialisation not ethnic origin. Being of Caribbean/Central American and Caucasian origin I have a view of all three experiences and how they relate to each other. In my opinion immigration and more importantly naturalisation in Europe was badly handled.....for Liberal reasons that then evolved into racist reasons. No naturalisation can work for some cultures. Particularly a culture created by a colonial master. Immigration from an indigenous culture that was merely occupied by a colonial master absolutely necessitates a very deliberate process of naturalisation. We see the results when this doesn't happen through out Europe...particularly with immigrants who come from the Islamic tradition. As you say...the world needs a new political the current thinking isn't working....all have merits.....all have flaws. To me, America has come the closest to getting it right....probably because it was a slaveocracy that was then populated by immigrants....the issue of race and identity has been at the fore for a very long experiences by and large in America were mainly....'you want to be American? Then be American', so a migrant has many routes/mechanisms within the society to assimilate (I would have been flying Apaches in the Gulf for the US Army were it not for INS LOL). Within that society race is the stratification....but black and white are still American. In the UK the stratification is firstly class, secondly race. 3rd generation non whites are still considered immigrants by most whites (if they are honest!). Again this is more intense the further you get from the South East and London (civilisation!). In Europe today I feel this is even more intense, resulting in (to the joy of the Islamists) the ghettoisation of migrant communities. The Political cross pollination of Belgium and the Netherlands is a concept Vig freedom should follow....this is why I am going to be involved. I know that a portion of those involved will be simply racist, nothing else. My input will be to keep Vig Freedom on the ethical high ground and resist Fascism from all quarters. The racists/Nazi's undermine our ability to resist the long term agenda of Islam.