Monday, October 29, 2007

The Expulsion Of The Moors

This post is going to seem to ramble a bit. I am putting ideas together here upon which I have been thinking for a very long time. They are not huge ideas, but they are, to me, intriguing and frightening ideas. I have shied away from expressing them, because I am afraid I am not the man to do it. I don't claim to know history very well. My fields of study are Philosophy and Literature. I am a businessman for a living. I am not, by nature, a revolutionary.

Instead, I am a goofball.

However, it would seem to me the time of Revolution may be coming upon us. There is not a lot we can do to stop it. We can only be ready. And, to be ready, we need to prepare ourselves.

Yesterday, Dag proposed the question to me, is it time for Europeans to form their own armies? He proposed the Irish Republican Army as a model. You'd have to ask Dag why the IRA? Don't ask me. I'm not proposing an IRA-based model.

But anyway, here is my answer to Dag:

A good friend of mine grew up in a family that was completely enmeshed in one of the major Irish underground armies. His father was the equavalent of a capogregime in the Mafia.

My friend grew up getting into fights wherever he went because he was known as the son of the man who ...

Plus, it was just the way the neighborhood (Belfast) was.

If he walked down the street all of the sudden he was in the wrong part of the neighborhood and a gang would jump him.

I have several other friends who grew up Christian in Muslim countries.

The point is, I know people who grew up in politically-driven violent situations. I know people who grew up with what we call "terrorism."

All these people tell me I am brave to do what I do. I tell them I am not brave, I am just ignorant. I haven't been through it, so I do what I do out of my ignorance. If I had been through what they had been through I might sit on my hands, like they do.

I don't really know, though.

I am convinced of this:

1) European countries need to form a new class of political parties which are anti-Islamofascist in nature, but whose vision is bigger than that simply. These political parties need to be something like what you call "an America of the mind." In other words, they need to be absolutely Free Democratic Republics, which uphold a Bill of Rights.

As you see from a post I put up last night, we consider advocating for Islam/Sharia to be sedition here at IBA.

2) Europeans need to become prepared, mentally and physically, to fight for themselves. By this I mean, they need to become prepared mentally and physically to fight against, not just Muslims but, their own governments.


Because their governments have ceased to represent Free Western Democracy and Human Rights. Their governments have ceased to represent their own people.

I wouldn't pretend to know when the first shot ought to be fired in the coming war. I'm guessing there will be many skirmishes along the way before the real war finally breaks out. However, I would never know when those triggers ought to be pulled, nor would I know when the hammer needs to be brought down on the head.

I will say this, the Danish attack is a perfect example of a time when it would have been a good thing for that man to have had a group of bodyguards, and those bodyguards should have been armed with something more than just their fists.

I believe that the best way to prepare Europe for its future is to look to the past. What did Westerners have to go through to gain and maintain their freedom and their culture in the past?

Well, for one thing, they had to fight many battles with the "Moors" (Muslims). They had to stand against their own governments. Americans had to form militias, which eventually banded into an army. Americans had to fight against "King George." America men who signed the Declaration of Independence had to serve jailtime for sedition. They had to be beat up and sometimes face the noose itself. (I speak more of American history than I ought to because I don't know much at all of European history.)

Unfortunately, I believe we are headed, once again, into such times. It is going to take quite a large amount of courage from quite a few people, but I believe we will find it. In fact, ultimately, I believe we will find even more than we need.

I believe Western Civilization has set itself upon an inevitable course of self-improvement guided by reason, and instructed by the Judeo-Christian tradition. I believe reason, guided by the Judeo-Christian tradition, is stronger than any other force on Earth, and it is what has led to the last 2000 years of progress for humanity.

What, you say, Pastorius? But, what about the Dark Ages? There was a major impedence in progress, wasn't there?

Yes, there was. And, why was that?

Because of the Muslims, largely, right?

Am I right, or am I wrong? I'll let others weigh in.

For now, I want to point out something interesting about history. Think back to what you learned in school. Remember the rhyme,

"In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue."

Think about the Renaissance. When was it said to have begun? Well, its gestation is said to have begun with the ideas of Dante in the late 13th century. But, in history, ideas precede action by many years (this process has speeded up with the advancement of communications.) But, really, when you think of the Renaissance, who do you think of? Leonardo Da Vinci, right? When did he live? 1452-1519.

And, what else was going on then?

Hmm, what could it be?

Well, how about the EXPULSION OF THE MOORS.

In fact, if you look at history books, the Expulsion of the Moors is said to have taken place in 1492.

Isn't that a coincidence?

No, it isn't, is it?

Isn't it interesting that the Dark Ages really ended, and the Renaissance really kicked into gear the same year as the Reconquista; the Expulsion of the Moors? Isn't it interesting that the only time of impeded progress through which the West has lived in the past 2,000 years coincided with the time when Muslims overran Europe?

Yes, it is interesting, isn't it?

We don't want that to happen again, do we? We like our Saab's, and our Starbuck's, and we our museums, and bookstores, and we like being able to go and get treatment when we have cancer, or heart disease. We like that when we stare into the face of death itself, many times Western Civilization can even help us beat that.

Let us be clear about it, were the Muslims to, once again, overrun Europe, Western Civilization would be lost. America can not fight this war all alone. America, without Europe, is a rootless entity, physically, mentally, and spiritually. Sure, we are full of piss and vinegar. Sure, we've got balls. Sure, we are a "country based on an idea" rather than on racially-based culture.

But, Europe is our mother and father. Europe is our Nana and our Papa. We need the family structure. We need the wisdom. We need our history.

And, we need your fists, and your willingness to walk through history like a one-man wrecking crew. Europe's history of war, of willingness to fight and kill is far beyond that of America's. Europe earned its place on this Earth. And, it's place is that it is the birthplace of Modern Civilization.

And, Modern Civilization is the only kind of civilization that I want to live in.

Are you with me?


Nora (LV) said...

The problem foreigners do not consider about Spain, is that we are normally peaceful people who like fun, sun and to live in a broad sense of the word. That means that we tend to minimize problems, so we are not derailed from that type of life. We don't fight till it's really worth it. That's one of the cause why Zapatero won on 2004 and has probabilities of winning again. All the MSM are praising him (with very few exceptions) so people don't see the real problems.
Something very similar happened on 711. No one considered the Moors as a real threat. No one considered them as worse than the people who were powerful at that time (Visigoths).
It took more or less a hundred years of actual domination to know what was all about. Yeah, Don Pelayo lived in 711 but he was nearly alone. The real Reconquest as an ideologial movement really against the imposition of an strange culture/religion/etc. does not begin till the next century at least. That is, till they saw what was the consequences of living as dhimmies in their own countries.
Powerful people normally converted to maintain their position. And the people who couldn´t stand it just exiled themselves into the mountains, were Muslims didn't appear.
But 6 centuries later (XIIIth, XIVth...) people were totally fed up with them. With no help from foreigners (and that's a very important thing to underline: the only time when Central Europeans came they rampaged after they saw the heat of Castillian lands and arrived late at the most important battle of Medieval Spain held at Las Navas de Tolosa, 1212), Spanish people got rid of them.
What was the problem? Emperor Charles Ist wanted to penetrate on the North African countries, but the Protestant reform cut off his back.
I'm not saying that the Protestants weren't justified. I'm saying North and Central Europe (mostly Protestant) have been distracted from this real peril. They thought we were much more dangerous and 6 centuries later Muslimification is growing in their countries.
Of course, I really believe Spain should have focused on that, instead of carrying on unsucessful and costly wars in Central Europe.
I really believe that's the real error of the XVIth century. If Europe would have united and freed North Africa, today's situation would have been much more simple...
[Yeah, I know, I'm Spanish, but I'm trying to be as objective as I can].

Nora (LV) said...

Sorry: "what was the consequences of living as dhimmies in their own countries." is "what were"

Pastorius said...

I love your comments because they are teaching me about about a history I don't know.

AstroJew said...

I'm with you. As an Israeli, I live at the actual front. I hope we won't see neither Paris nor Prague covered in Green Flags. Although, as a realist, I couldn't say that's impossible, on the contrary. VERY POSSIBLE.

Always On Watch said...

Spain is the exception. Once Islam gains a foothold, particularly in governance, throwing off the bonds of dhimmitude doesn't happen.

I love LV's input here.

Always On Watch said...

I had not difficulty following what you're saying here. Does that make me a goofball, too?

Pastorius said...


I guess so.

It's sad that our politicians are so stupid and misinformed, and craven to their pathetic platforms of power, that us goofballs are gonna have to take over.

Sad, sad, sad.

Nora (LV) said...

Thanks Pastorius and AOW. Most people don't see the danger till the car has already run them off. That's a real danger here, because a great number of people (though less everyday) don't know even the car is coming... at high speed in their direction.

Always On Watch said...

I'm a Spanish major, with a bit of a specialty in the medieval period. ;^)

Always On Watch said...

us goofballs are gonna have to take over.

I think so, too.

I'm getting more vexed by the day with all that I see happening.

Pastorius said...

AOW and L. Vorzheva,

Do you agree with me that much of the motion which caused the "Dark Ages" was generated by Islamic conquest?