Monday, October 15, 2007

French teens in suicidal leap of faith

Good Monday morning to the world from Vancouver, Canada. Today we have on offer a story of teen-age angst and the ultimate thrill of nihilism on display at Covenant Zone. I'm sure this will wake up those dreamy, sleepy readers who missed their coffee earlier. There's little like a shot of Death in the Morning to get the old nerves a ajanglin'.

This Guardian story and the following commentary come from Charles. Two things popped to mind as I read it, both from the pen of TS Eliot. First, here's the Guardian, a vision of the Life we have lost in living, gone, not with a bang but a whimper.

"What its children become, that will the community become."
___Suzanne Lafollette

From France, a story as sad as it is horrible, courtesy of the Guardian: French police are investigating the suicide of two teenage girls who tied themselves together and leapt from the 17th storey of a tower block while their horrified boyfriends watched.

... The girls, named only as Marion and Virginie, had apparently carefully prepared their deaths and had intended their boyfriends, Ben and Julien, to witness the event. The two friends had gone to a relative's flat and told the two boys to wait in the living room while they prepared a "surprise".

One of them called out from the bedroom: "OK, come in." Ben opened the door. Marion and Virginie were standing on the window sill, their hands tied together. They smiled. And jumped.

"They dressed the same, always black, lots of make-up, and they liked the same music, Marilyn Manson, goth rock, metal ..."
The handwritten note found in her pocket said: "Life is not worth living."

Read the rest here.

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Check out the comments for how average Brits are getting totally pissed off with this crap.