Thursday, October 18, 2007

Plus Ca Change, Plus C'est La Meme Chose, baby

Putin gave Iran "special" atomic message: reportdrPutin.jpg

TEHRAN (Reuters) - Russian President Vladimir Putin gave Iran a "special message" on its disputed atomic program and other issues, Iran's chief nuclear negotiator was quoted as saying on Wednesday, without giving details.


Putin's visit to Tehran on Tuesday was watched closely because of Moscow's possible leverage in the Islamic Republic's nuclear row with the West. It was the first time a Kremlin chief went to Iran since Josef Stalin in 1943.


Poll: Some Germans See Good in Nazi Rule

BERLIN (AP) - A quarter of Germans believe there were some positive aspects to Nazi rule, according to a poll published Wednesday—a finding that comes after a popular talk show host was fired for praising Nazi Germany's attitude toward motherhood

Pollsters for the Forsa agency, commissioned by the weekly magazine Stern, asked whether National Socialism also had some "good sides (such as) the construction of the highway system, the elimination of unemployment, the low criminality rate (and) the encouragement of the family."

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