Monday, October 22, 2007

Good News In Toronto: Canadian Universities Tries To Please Muslims - Fails - Common Students Seething

From Jack Wheeler at To The Point News:

One of the more depressing aspects of our current cultural morass is the overwhelming dominance of the Marxist Moonbat Left on our college campuses. The massive support and sympathy for Islamofascism and what I call Fabian Sharia-ism (constant demands for special consideration for Moslems in accordance with their phony "Sharia" Islamic "law") is seen at universities everywhere.

That's why what's happening at the University of Toronto is interesting.

Canada for the most apart is even more wimp-out appeasing to Moslem demands than the US. So it's not surprising that the popular campus restaurant, Bluff's, caved to the Moslem Student Association (MSA) and changed its menu for all chicken and beef dishes to be certified "halal," the Moslem equivalent of kosher.

That of course wasn't good enough for the Moslems, who see, just like the Communists, any offer of accommodation as weakness, thus an invitation to make further demands. They claimed Bluff's changing its menu according to their wishes was actually "offensive" to them, for Bluff's continued to serve them food in an "unsuitable" environment. That is, Bluff's continued to serve beer and play dance music.

Here's the story in the online edition of the campus newspaper, The Varsity. It's not, however, the story that's interesting. It's the student comments that follow the story. Several are wimpy-lib, of course, but a lot are not. A sample:

Muslims. Always a lose-lose situation. Cannot appease without offense, that
is when you are not offending by not appeasing. But hey, that's what Islam is
all about. Submit, unconditionally. Here, there, anywhere. Until the world is
all Islamic, groups like the MSA will be behind bullhorns, never satisfied.
Nothing but trouble...

This medieval hate and violence manual (the Koran) and its cult (Islam),
should be removed from our civilized society post haste!!

I think they should fly to Saudi Arabia for their meals. If we're lucky,
they won't come back.
The reason these people sound hypocritical is because
hypocrisy is the essence of Islam...

The problem is that MSA is a gangster organization that is trying to
strongarm the campus and impose its draconian laws on everyone. To suggest that
UTSC food services should not allow dance music is ridiculous . We have as much
right to our culture as you do to yours...

If Muslims don't like the freedom of choice in Canada, then they can pack
up and go back to Mecca.
They can choose not to eat somewhere or bring their own
lunch. Better yet, they could think like one in a free society and open their
own restaurant.
If it is such a huge problem, seems they could make a killing in
the restaurant business. Best idea is to just go back home if you don't
like our country...

If I were Muslim, this would bother me. Headlines like these further
isolate Muslims from the "rest of us." There will be no integration or
acceptance of these people in Western culture when they are so intolerant of
those around them. Good luck to all Muslims on their ideological religious
demands. Be ready for a backlash -- it is coming and well deserved...

These are the comments of Canadian college students, not anti-Islamist activists.

There may be hope with students like this. If there are kids like this in Toronto, there's got be kids like them elsewhere.


WATCHER71 said...

Now this I recognise from Uni.....It's interesting...the implied violent undercurrent that accompanies Islamic demands...the powers that be fear a violent Islamic back lash if they say 'NO'. Surely that is a problem that demands action. Lets start with an end to Islamic immigration....since the West so obviously appals them....

Pastorius said...

Good to see you here again, Watcher71.