Wednesday, March 04, 2009

SIR Hero of Chappaquiddick

for Pete's sake he's going to become more insufferable than he already is.

from The Daily Mail via Jawa Report

Arise 'Sir' Ted

Senator Ted Kennedy is about to become 'Sir' Ted. Gordon Brown will use his speech to the joint Houses of Congress tomorrow - or later today depending on where you are - to announce that the Queen has agreed an honorary knighthood for the senior senator from Massachusetts to mark his "services to the US-UK relationship and Northern Ireland". Northern Ireland is part of the UK and some might have views about quite how helpful the Kennedys were in defending the constitutional place of the province in the UK, but let that pass. 'Sir' Ted is a close friend of Mr Brown and gave him a hero's welcome when he spoke at the JFK in Boston last year. Last I heard The Speech was coming on, between 20-30 minutes long and the words global and future may figure.

By the way, Tony Blair is in town and popped up on CNN earlier. They asked him if Mr Obama was having a hard time and he did one of his "you can't control events" riffs. And he didn't contradict Wolf Blitzer when he referred to him as 'Prime Minister' Blair.

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Anonymous said...

"Sir" Ted is in my dead pool. I need him to croak already and become "Sir Dead" or "Dead Ted". What a shame that it takes a brain tumor to do what the voters of Massachusetts can't manage to do: Get Teddy the F*#K out of office!