Sunday, October 11, 2009

Nick Griffin Blames Zionists For The EDL

Yesterday, I expressed some reservations about the EDL. I also stated that I would like to believe the EDL is a just and human anti-Jihad group.

I have no idea. I have my own personal reasons for skepticism, but they are hearsay, so I will not go into them.

However, Hope Not Hate seems to indicate the EDL are, indeed, a just and humane group. Hell, we have it on no less an authority than Nick Griffin himself. After all, if Nick Griffin opposes them, they must be opposed to him, right?

BNP leader Nick Griffin has claimed that the English Defence League is being manipulated and directed by Zionists to create a race war on the streets of Britain. Trying to distance the BNP from any potential problem, Griffin and his deputy Simon Darby have set out in an audio message their position on the hooligan-based group.

And surprise, surprise – it’s all the fault of the Zionists. Griffin explains how he initially thought the EDL was a State-sponsored honey trap to embarrass the BNP but now he doesn’t believe that even they would do that. In fact, he argues, there are far more sinister forces at work.

It is Simon Darby who begins to shine the light on those behind the EDL. “It’s been set up by a powerful organisation,” he tells his leader. “People with the power to manipulate, who are used to manipulating and have the organisational structure, the facility and the financial clout to promote it.”

“Let’s spell it out shall we,” Griffin responds.

Darby laughs, nervously. “Who’s going to do the spelling?” Obviously not him that's for sure!

“I’m going to spell it out,” his leader adds pompously. He goes on to pin the blame on those he considers responsible.

“Spelling it out in simple terms, you look at the owners of the Daily Express, the Daily Star and their interests. This is a neo-con operation. This is a Zionist false flag operation, designed to create a real clash of civilisations right here on our streets between Islam and the rest of us.”

He rants and raves a bit more, before adding: “I’ve no doubt that this is something designed to spark physical clashes between Muslim communities en bloc and the people who are coming in to hold a demonstration. They are out of it. The people who are going to get it in the neck, who are going to get the blame when it all goes wrong, are ordinary white working class communities.

“The people behind this are pushing for a low level civil war.”

Railing against the support given to the EDL from the Daily Star, he concludes that the real agenda of these Zionists is a civil war on the streets of Britain and to “nuke” Arab countries in the Middle East.

I don't know why, but I think that Nick Griffin rant merits this:


BabbaZee said...

I LOVE that movie

all is propaganda

Pastorius said...

I have my doubts that many people are going to understand why that is funny.

Pastorius said...

Lord Griffin has spoken, and oh so sincerely. I am overcome.

Epaminondas said...

Another zionist conspiracy revealed!

Why would anyone in the general public take seriously ANYONE involved in the anti jihad movement with all this shit going on, and it being, then, just so EASY to trot out and smear everyone who has ever said anything against quranic violence with these galactically STUPID MORONS sticking their appendages into this train wreck?

Lionheart, EDL, BNP, CofCC, Stormfront, VB, SD, zionists, apartheid .. who in their RIGHT MIND wouldn't rather have a stout and watch scantily clad cheerleaders with ever shrinking and more clinging shorts hop around the border of a field populated by violent men crashing into each other for a lot of money

Pastorius said...

You da' man. You say shit even I won't say.

mah29001 said...

And libelblogger Charles Johnson lies onto stating how we're "connected" with these British-based white racists.

Even when those white racists blame Jews. When the side they were protesting also are no fans of Jews either.

Pastorius said...

Yeah, go figure. And, all of us here at IBA are among those he banned.

Friggin' amazing.

Anonymous said...


If you start believing anything from Hope not Hate or Searchlight then you risk being on the same slippery slope as CJ slipped up on


Does Hope not Hate give any links to back up what they claim

Pastorius said...

No, they didn't.

But, here's the original audio from Nick Griffin and Simon Darby:

Pastorius said...

I listened to it. The quotes are accurate.