Saturday, April 17, 2010

Hey, Midnight Rider!

Check out this Arkansas mailbox:


Alexander Münch said...

You too AOW ?!...

I'm NOT impressed!
My "Bitch" is better !!


The 'Uzi', is in the W.C. lower drawer...
The 'Bitch', sleeps with me!...


Damien said...

Always On Watch,

Now that's someone who likes his guns! I don't think any criminals will be coming to that guy's house any time soon. : )

midnight rider said...

God Bless Horace Smith and Daniel Wesson!

Peace Be Upon Them!

And Upon the Great Prophet John Moses Browning, too!

midnight rider said...

Alex -- IWI Desert Eagle in .50. Never shot one of those kicks pretty good, does it?

I had a Desert Eagle in .45 acp but traded it for an old Winchester 94 30-30 which currently protects my family room. I didn't like the feel of the double stack on the Eagle (and already have several 1911's) but hope to get one in 9 mm someday soon.

In the bedside stand is a 38 which buys me enough time to get to the 20 guage (#4 buckshot) across the room.

Downstairs is the aforementioned 30-30 and 1911's and a S&W Model 189 357 Combat Magnum.

Throughout the house are a few other 38's and smaller blowback pistols as well as whatever I'm carrying at the time.

That's just my house.

Most of the neighbors (a cop, active dut marines, Vietnam VEt marines, other weirdos like me) are even worse.

Don't start any shit in this cul-de-sac. You won't like the crossfire you get caught in :)

revereridesagain said...

Wonder what it does if some idiot 16-year-old whacks it with a baseball bat from a moving car at 1 am. That could be it's finest feature.