Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The Obama Intifada *** - Treason Manifest In Baltimore

My opinion:

These riots in Baltimore are organized by the same people who organized the riots in Florida, and in Ferguson, Missouri, and the same people who organized the Occupy Wall Street riots as well.

These are not protests. They are organized incursions by people who want to overthrow the Constitution (and the government under that Constitution) of the United States of America.

Their purpose is, through repeated onslaught, to degrade and destroy the will of the people of the U.S.

Their purpose is to break off pieces of the mountain of faith and fortitude that it takes to keep this nation going.

These people are organized in pursuit of Treasonous activity.

The activity of protesting police is not Treason. The activity of rioting, while illegal, is not treason.

But the activity of organizing a group of people to repeatedly riot in response to any given offense, no matter how disparate in nature; THAT IS TREASON.

These people should be rounded up, placed under arrest, tried, convicted, and hanged until dead.

*** Credit to Reliapundit at Astute Bloggers.

UPDATE - Let us not forget that many of these treasonous acts are being performed in concert with the very people who are supposed to be maintaining order:


Reliapundit said...

a pogrom against the police aka the obama intifada.

Pastorius said...

The Obama Intifada.

that's the perfect name for it.

Wish I would have thought of that.

Always On Watch said...

Spot on!

The mayor gave them "space to destroy" -- and they have done so. Damn.

These people should be rounded up, placed under arrest, tried, convicted, and hanged until dead.

The problem is the numbers of high school students who were involved. Already, the education system is being blamed.

I tell you this: Baltimore City School has been having a helluva time for years with getting good teachers -- teachers willing to risk their own personal safety to work in the city schools.

Furthermore, the area where Freddie Gray was arrested is nothing more or less than an open air drug market for cocaine and heroin.

Mr. AOW and I were planning a little excursion to Baltimore this summer. We've rethought that plan now. We're too vulnerable with a handicapped van. Just imagine if that van were destroyed and we were stuck in Baltimore until we bought a new van! With what money? A used handicapped van costs $30,000.

Always On Watch said...

The high school kids organized by using the code word purge, based on the movie The Purge.

Anonymous said...

Louis Farrakhan, rising: With rap’s superstars at his side, the Nation of Islam leader steps forward in the new fight for civil rights
"....Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam was credited by protesters on the ground in Baltimore with establishing a gang truce in the city to unify black Baltimore against the police. The NOI and its well-dressed Fruit of Islam were on the ground in Ferguson, as well, in a leadership role......" image of ISIS hand symbol visible in Baltimore (more@ConservativeTreehouse