Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Video of Rioters Cutting Firehose Being Used To Put Out Fires They Set, Justifying Their Actions

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Redneck Texan said...

Yeah well ..... if nobody has the balls to shoot you for cutting a fire hose, why not cut it?

I'd personally like to cut off the entire water pipeline to Baltimore ....

..... it takes at least 2 races to have a race war. Race riots only seem to breakout far away from the remaining places where the other race is willing to reciprocate the violence.

Here the free shit crowd took the opportunity to get some free shit. How many people are still in jail for looting in Ferguson? Its a pretty risk free endeavor as long as you stay within the community. No risk in throwing bricks at cops that wont shoot you in front of your tribe.

I just wish honest Abe was still around to see the fruits of his labor. You know he surrounded the Maryland statehouse with Cannons to make sure he got the legislative result he desired, and issued an arrest warrant for a supreme court justice he didn't see eye to eye with.

All of which were extra-constitutional acts. That's of course what it going to take again to quell the unrest in our urban jungles.

There's no solution to these problems within our current legal framework.

So until we reach the point that its not safe to go apeshit whenever you perceive an injustice against your race this problem will become a growing regular occurrence.

However, if could see the flames from Capital Hill ..... if continuity of power and government were truly threatened ..... solutions would be found.