Tuesday, April 21, 2015

I was only being satirical - CRUDE BUT SATIRICAL

Allow me to vent.

I am so fed up with identity politics. Fed up with what color your hide is or what god you believe in or what sex you practice or where you hail from - all of these seem to trump true leadership qualifications to hold office.

So now, the swan call is for a woman for President. To Democrats, all you have to qualify is have  a c**t.  Forget qualifications to be our country's leader. If you have a c**t you qualify - especially a lib/prog c**t.

I know I am being very crude and offensive and I hope I don't offend the women here by using that derogatory word. But my words come from the depth of the stupidity of some people who feel having a c**t is enough to be AWARDED to office of the President of the United States.

After all, I don't expect Democrats/Liberal/Progs  for you know who to honestly state their main rationale for Hillary's support is to have a c**t.

 They wouldn't want to agree with my crude remark. RIGHT?


Super Intelligent MSNBC Panelist: If Republicans Keep Attacking Hillary, The 2016 “Vagina” Turnout Is Going To Be 100%… 

"Trotting out the tired canard that talking about Hillary’s age or criticizing her in any way is sexist, Miller contends that if Republicans keep attacking her, something unusual will happen. “What I like as a woman, Rev? Is keep playing this age card and this sexist card, we’re going to have, like, a hundred percent turnout of everyone in the country with a vagina,” says Miller. "


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Anonymous said...

If you follow logic, why not? Color was the qualification of the present leader of the free world.