Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Is It Time For America To Divorce?

Ace of Spades Tweets the following:

there is a pragmatic value to liberalism-- liberalism permits strongly-disagreeing peoples to live among each other peacefully.

if we no longer have this sort of liberalism--if the left is determined to simply "win"--then we shall no longer live together peacefully

that's not a threat, that's just an obvious observation.

I think it's pretty clear the left no longer wishes to live peacefully among us, and, for my part: The sentiment is shared.

we should probably being discussing the inevitable division of the country. And remember: *We* did not press this.

his doesn't have to be an acrimonious thing. The left does not want to be among us; we do not wish to be among them.

There is a time when divorce is not to be dreaded, but looked forward to as a liberation.

The good thing about a divorce is: you get to stop thinking about hating another party. You get to just *be* without interference.

The thing is, this shouldn't be talked about angrily or threatened as "vengeance." Divorce from an unhappy marriage is not "vengeance."

Divorce from an unhappy marriage is freedom for both parties, and a starting anew.

I don't wish to hate the left any longer. Hate is an unhealthy emotion. I want them to be free to pursue their socialism as they like.

And i want the rest of America freed from them.


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