Thursday, January 26, 2017

British PM Theresa Praises Trump; Delivers Historic Speech on Defense of British-US Alliance and Western Culture

Theresa May praised the Trump election:
“Trump’s election was a distinctly special one driven by the voice of the people… A great victory.” 
“A newly emboldened confident America is good for the world. An America that is strong that is prosperous at home can lead abroad.”


Anonymous said...

Most unfortunately, however, Theresa May (aka "Appeaser May" or "Shariah May") stated

"We should distinguish between 'extreme and hateful ideology' of ISIS and 'the peaceful religion of Islam".

Pastorius said...

Did you read the post I put up from PIers Morgan telling Theresa May not to ever act weak, because Trump hates weak people?

Maybe Trump will read her the riot act about her appeasing bullshit.

Anonymous said...

Based on her statement today, my guess is she is more concerned with the circumstances of Islamic colonization on her home turf than she is with Trump's response to her ill-conceived notions about Islam.

Time will reveal if this was an error in her judgement of which concern trumps the other. (pun intended)