Monday, January 30, 2017

Now that the Anne Frank meme has dwindled in objective falsehood, it is a ‘muslim ban’ becomes the meme, and ‘it will be ineffective because KSA, Egypt, Pakistan are omitted’ is the ironic coda

I’m sorry but as a long time presence on forums with Gulf Arabs, and Persians and Syrians (which the host nation closed because I believe we were awfully frank), this logic reminds me an awful lot of another dual claim of tortuous logic.
‘The Holocaust never killed 6 million Jews, and the job should should have been finished’

Of course the logic of ‘it’s a Muslim ban’ dies when you consider that first, the LARGEST Muslim nation by population, Indonesia is not on it. In fact if we look at the top five nations by population:
  1. Indonesia
  2. Pakistan
  3. India
  4. Bangla Desh
  5. Nigeria
None. In fact I can make a strong argument 2 and 5 merit being on the list if not strong public debate over that.
The fact is that every nation on the list of banned travel, BUT ONE, has territory held by violent, terrorist Islamist cults (actually the same one, beneath minor variations). The ONE nation not in this violent internal anarchy and loss of control is the nation with the 6th highest Muslim population. The nation which congress and the state dept of both D and R admins across more than 20 years has recognized and condemned as a TERRORIST STATE.

Like wise we have the argument ‘they should have finished the job’ .. which is that Egypt, KSA and Pakistan are not on this list and therefore that racist Trump his alt-right henchman Bannon, and Archie comics KKK members, and his Muslim ban can’t even be effective racists since the killers, of 9/11 and San Bernadino, Boston bombing, etc wouldn’t have been caught by this EO.
Well, these nations, all three of which DESERVE negative recognition, fail the criterion of active Islamist revolt with land being ruled by terrorists.
However, it is my hope all these nations’ entrants NOT under their own national govt’s passports as diplomatic or military personnel attached to embassies will be thoroughly examined.
This ‘argument’ that it is a Muslim ban deserves not just negation in the extreme, but the claimant should be asked why they are making such a false claim which DOES HARM THE NATIONAL IMAGE?
Dissent is fine, but dissent using false propaganda falls under a different category.
And if the assertion then is put forth as true in spite of inarguable facts, well, then you know the KIND of claimant you have before you.
We have two major issues facing us in killing the ascendant form of Islam’s radical killers. We have to stop them from coming here, and we have to isolate those who become this,….THING, once here, or as a second generation. This TEMPORARY travel restriction, shorter than Mr. Obama’s of 2011, is a minimal attempt at dealing with the former problem.

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Pastorius said...

The comparison of Trump's EO to the Holocaust makes me very angry.

VERY angry.

In fact, this is the first time that I can remember that something in the news has made me so angry that I have to avoid it.

The fact that I have friends, some of whom are Jewish, who are repeating this characterization of the EO, makes me even angrier.