Sunday, January 29, 2017

Judge's Ruling Against Trump Executive Order ONLY APPLIES TO THOSE ALREADY ON U.S. SOIL, as is true of Person Who Has ALREADY PASSED THROUGH CUSTOMS

The federal judge' ruling is of narrow scope - allowed the trapped immigrants who had passed through customs and a port of entry to leave the airport. The Syrians just sent home were not allowed through customs. It is my understanding that one is not considered "on American soil" until clearing the process. That passport has to be stamped. Their passports were not stamped and they were boarded onto the next available flight. It is like they were never here.

2 Syrian families detained at PHL, then put on flight back home


thedeplorableraven said...

One must pass through immigration and be allowed entry to be considered on that country's soil. Airports beyond immigration desks are designated international territory.

Pastorius said...

Yes, and once you have been passed through immigration, you are home free.

Which is what this Judge's ruling stipulated.

In other words, her ruling was FUCKING REDUNDANT.

No one in the Trump Administration was arguing the point she made.

For God's sake.