Monday, January 30, 2017

57% of Americans Support Trump's Temporary Ban On Refugees ...

Most Americans Support Trump’s Refugee Ban from Terror Havens

Begin Sarcasm.

Apparently, most Americans are Nazis. 

End Saracasm.

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midnight rider said...

And they just still don't get it.

The argument on O'Reilly was that he did this to build his support base vs. well it ain't working.

I don't believe that's why he did it. I think he did it because he thought it was the best way to protect America at this time from someone sneaking in.

And NO ONE is talking about the reason for the "ban" is to give us time to figure out a better vetting process. The ban is fucking temporary folks. Temporary.

Local news "Oh local Syrians are so disappointed they won't et to see their relatives right now."

Yeah I got a ton of local families who will NEVER get to see their relatives again.