Saturday, January 28, 2017

On Trump's Ban on Immigrants from Muslim Countries

The headlines are out. These from DRUDGE:

Prevented From Boarding Flights...
Iranian Filmmaker Barred From Oscars...
Ban includes green card holders...
Expands power of immigration officers...

We've spoken on the GATHERING STORM RADIO SHOW on many an occasion of the need someday for a ban on Muslim organizations and certain Muslim age groups in response to a rampant series of jihadi attacks in this country.

We pointed out that such outright bans and even internments would lead to a constitutional crises - our rights vs our security. With Trump's recent EO on immigration, we are beginning to get a taste of that conflict as referenced in the above headlines.

I personally expected that bans would take effect after a short delay to have the comings and goings of those banned groups to settle out.

It didn't. The EO took effect immediately. I have mixed feelings on this. 

This will cause opposition to Trump and sauce for the liberal goose at the least, and a signal to those countries signaled out as a fair warning for the most.

I hope his EO will sort it out and not end up throwing the baby our with the bath water.


thelastsnglishprince said...

Once signed, the signatory authority behind the order is in full effect. Iraqi and a Yemeni were unable to board a flight from Cairo to New York.

Here is what I have said in the past and continue to believe to be true. The pendulum swung too far to the left in recent years. It did not reflect the will of the People, but the will of global social scientists. For the pendulum to come back into balance, there may be a wild swing to the right. Ride it out with calm.

I like to remember that the 9/11 hijackers entered our country in legal manner and turned our aircraft into missiles with human components. Others, have entered legally and created much mayhem and massacre.

Let the law work in our favor. The inconvenience for those who sought to visit cannot be compared to the inconvenience of Life Interrupted, needing a Wet-Vac to pick up the pieces of flesh, and making sudden funeral arrangements in the aftermath of an attack.

Hardcore thoughts? Not really. Just soft toward my countrymen. And I have no mixed feelings. Period. Steady at the helm with a look forward toward balance.

* Europe also banned refugees from moving about in WW II. It was practical, not punitive. But we forget that these measures have been used in the past.

WC said...

This a good article on the problem and it was written in 2002.

How the Terrorists Get In
By Steven A. Camarota September 2002

Anonymous said...

Trump’s executive order was already authorized by Congress.

People need to comprehend the difference between Trump’s lawful executive orders and Obama’s previous unlawful executive orders.

It is imperative that the chief Executive must give orders to execute the laws as that is chief job, and why his Branch is called “executive branch.”

Obama too often attempted to make laws without Congress and his EO’s were therefore antiConstitutional and therefore illegal.

Trump is executing laws that were already Legislated/written, and had yet to be executed nor were these legislated/ written laws enforceable until they were executed.

He is working lawfully. Obama did not.