Friday, January 27, 2017

Front National member meets unofficially with Likud member in Israel

The visit of an activist for France's Front National and Marine Le Pen suggests they're trying to strengthen relations with Israel, which is a very ideal step:
National Front Secretary-General Nicolas Bay met Wednesday in Tel Aviv with David Shayan, the leader of the youth section of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud, Bay wrote on Twitter. Bay is in the Jewish state on a “private visit,” the Europe1 radio station reported.

National Front labels official visits as private to circumvent the reluctance by many institutions abroad to receive National Front representatives officially, the radio station also reported.

Shayan was quoted as telling the station he did not know Bay was with the National Front at the time of their meeting but that regardless, he does not believe in boycotting anyone.
I think he can rest assured that the Front National in its current form needn't be avoided any longer. That doesn't mean there won't still be rotten apples in the party, but if Marine Le Pen, whose husband visited here too 6 years ago, is making efforts to clean up the party's image, then that's to be commended.

The simple thing to do is examine under a magnifying glass, and if you can determine that everything's improved, then you can congratulate them for proving humankind's ability to make amends for mistakes of the past. If Marine Le Pen's done her best to improve the party's image, then we should be proud and wish her good luck going forward in the election.

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