Sunday, January 23, 2022

Latest UK Data Shows Covid Infection RATE Among the Triple Jabbed (Boosted) Is HIGHER And RISING FASTER Than The Unvaccinated Across ALMOST EVERY Age Group

Starting at age 30, the cases among the boosted begin to skyrocket past the unvaxxed, with a rate as high as 3,996/100,000 in the 50-59 age bracket, which is an astounding 89% higher compared to the unvaxxed in this age group, who have a rate of 2,133/100,000. 
In other words, the boosted and the fully vaxxed have been the ones predominantly spreading this virus, which essentially proves that vaccine passports and similar mandates surrounding the vaccine are effectively pointless. 
In fact, the data also showed that, just like the last round of public health data, the fully vaccinated continue to make up 3 out of every 4 Omicron hospitalizations, which is in line with the UK’s overall vaccination rates.


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