Sunday, January 23, 2022

Apparently, Only 15,883 People Died (Solely of COVID) in England/Wales for 2020 and First 9 Months of 2021, Average Age of Death 81.5 Years Old

Death registrations for 2020 and 2021 for deaths where COVID-19 was listed as the underlying cause, but had no other pre-existing conditions recorded on the death certificate, England and Wales This publication will be updated quarterly 2020 Total deaths, 9,400 0-64, 1,549 65 and over, 7,851 2021 Q1 Total deaths, 6,483 0-64, 1,560 65 and over, 4,923 2021 Q2 Total deaths, 346 0-64, 153 65 and over, 193 2021 Q3, Total deaths, 1,142 0-64, 512 65 and over, 630 Therefore, 2020 and first 3 quarters of 2021 Total deaths from covid alone, 17,371 Of this number 13,597 were 65 or over Of this number, 3,774 were under 65 Average age of death in UK from covid in 2021 82.5 years Average life expectancy in the UK, 2018 to 2020 79.0 years for males 82.9 years for females This represents a fall of 7.0 weeks for males and a slight increase of 0.5 weeks for females (from the latest non-overlapping period of 2015 to 2017) This is the first time we have seen a decline when comparing non-overlapping time periods since the series began in the early 1980s As of end of September Within 28 days of a positive test, 137,133 (7.9 times more deaths) Excess deaths from cancer Professor Karol Sikora, University of Buckingham Former head of cancer programme at WHO Probably an extra 50,000 deaths from cancer, over the past 18 months, you otherwise would not have had Failure to report early Difficulty getting to see GP Fear of hospital admissions Missed chemotherapy Missed radiotherapy 6 million waiting for NHS treatment

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