Thursday, January 20, 2022

"IT'S HARD TO GIVE AWAY $1 MILLION THESE DAYS": Silicon Valley Entrepreneur Steve Kirsch Offers $1 Million to CDC, NIH, Etc. To Discuss COVID With His Team of Experts


Steve Kirsch offers USD $1M to take a meeting with his panel of experts to understand why his PoV is incorrect.

Here is a collection of evidence that highlights the glaring errors in our pandemic response.

It is very important to educate doctors because most people rely on their doctors for advice. You can help by bringing this document to your doctor’s attention. Ask her if she will help to correct this “misinformation” by meeting with us in a recorded video. We will be happy to compensate her generously for her time. So far, nobody wants to talk to us on the record.

Since nobody inside the CDC, NIH, or FDA will talk to me or any members of my team of experts, I have tried to discuss the evidence summarized in this document with the members of the outside committee members of the CDC and FDA. I offered them $1M to take a meeting (or I will donate it to a charity of their choice if they want). They all refused. I have no idea why. They won’t tell me. I didn’t even get a counter offer. It’s so hard to give away a million dollars nowadays.

I’m extending my $1M offer to members of the VRBPAC and ACIP committees until the end of January 2022

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