Friday, January 28, 2022

Drowning Our Children In a Sewage Canal


From The Last English Prince:

Monday 07:45 a.m.

You draw your nine year old daughter in close and she nuzzles your neck. She comments, “Mommy. What is the perfume you are wearing? It smells nice!” You respond, “It is your Daddy’s favorite.” Thanking God again for giving you a daughter, a smile crosses your lips as you head out the door to work. Your child is in the best school in the city. She has a bright future ahead of her, with the educational offering.

Monday 10:00 a.m.

Your daughter is seated in the hallway of the municipal sewage work site. She is about to receive an Edge-Ucation.


“You are having some concerns about your period?”


“Yes. It seems icky. My Mom told me I will bleed once a month.”


“Do you have any other concerns?”


“Well, I like playing with boys more than the girls in my class. But I do want to grow up so that my best girlfriend and I can live together forever. I really like her!”

The counselor smiles pleasantly and gets a mental image of holding the little bitch underwater in the sewage canal with just a strand of hair floating in the e coli flotsam.

“You know what (you little slut!)? I really think that you are a boy! You just haven’t figured it out yet. So let’s pick a boy’s name you like. I will show you how to begin to bind your breasts. And to keep you on track, we will visit twice a week and I am going to help you heal from being born in the wrong body. Your body has betrayed you. It is very common, you know.” The counselor goes on, “But this is our secret. Your parents will not understand. You CANNOT trust your parents!” The counselor relishes the image again: a filthy strand of hair floating on the water. “Give it three months,” she thought. “It took about that amount of time to convince that eight year old boy to consider having his penis whacked off.”

Six months later...


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revereridesagain said...

Having once been one, I strongly suspect that every little girl around that age regards the onset of her period as "icky" and is less than enthusiastic, initially at least, with the development of her breasts necessitating the acquiring of her first bra because the damn things are uncomfortable. If taking advantage of such facts of life in order to try to lure her into "changing her sex" isn't child abuse and "grooming" I'd like to know why not.

Speaking of the general subject, this cheating narcissistic little perv should be arrested for exposing himself next time he saunters through the girl's locker room showing of his demonstrably NOT "lady parts". His @$$ belongs in front of a judge and I don't mean one who evaluates swim teams.