Sunday, January 30, 2022

Another four football (soccer to my American friends) matches were halted today due to medical emergencies in the stands. 
What is going on with the beautiful game? 
These emergencies seem to be happening more and more recently, both with players and spectators. Football is an intense game to play and, with the intense passion football fans have for the game, to watch too. 
However, there does not seem to have been this many medical emergencies in previous years. Is it being reported more or are there new procedures to stop games immediately? 
Maybe, but it is becoming noticeably obvious with more and more people questioning what is happening. 
They are becoming so common, the same doctor has saved two people within the space of months. 
According to this Twitter thread (which I know can’t be used as evidence but is interesting anecdotally all the same), there has been a 500% increase in deaths of FIFA players in 2021. 183 professional athletes and coaches have suddenly collapsed, 108 of them died. 2021 has broken all records for football players collapsing.  

If COVID was the reason you would have expected a rise in 2020, however, the rates were pretty low. Vaccines are the obvious go-to answer for this terrifying trend. 
Perhaps the 2021 variants have affected the heart more or it’s the spike protein whichever way it gets into your body (wild lab-created virus or lab-created vaccine). 
Is this happening at such a high frequency in other sports?


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