Friday, January 21, 2022

IS THE BERLIN WALL FALLING? Spain To Discontinue ALL Covid Measures?

Here is a Google translation of the Spanish-language article: 
Here are the words of the Spanish head of state Pedro Sรกnchez: “I believe that this is a necessary debate. Today we see that the mortality is not what we experienced during the first wave. 
So I believe that we have the conditions so that, with caution, little by little, by opening the debate at the technical level, at the level of health professionals, but also at European level, we begin to consider the evolution of this disease with different parameters from those we had until now.  
The Spanish government will stop counting covid cases. No more incessant use of this false compass which makes reality lie and which our national Vรฉran delights in. Other measures: 
No longer test citizens who have no or few symptoms 
No more massive and systematic tests 
Stop tracing contacts 
Stop Isolations 
Drop the mask completely.

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