Saturday, January 22, 2022

Kim Iversen Realizes We Are Witnessing "Crimes Against Humanity"

It's about time she gets up off her Mayonaisse Ass and realizes, and admits the fucking truth. 

Just a few weeks back, she allowed her effeminate crew to tear down Peter McCullough on her show. 

That prompted this comment from me: 

Wow! I didn't realize how stupid Kim Iversen and her little friends are. Read the book, watch the interview, you freaking idiots. Don't comment on something you know nothing about. Last time I watch your vids.
But today, I saw the words "Crimes Against Humanity" and "Kim Iversen" in my video feed? 

She's really too "sweet" to commit crimes against humanity herself, so, I reasoned. "Maybe the sweet chick has figured it out."

And good thing, she did.

Welcome aboard, Kim.

Please don't ever attempt to tow the Moderate line again. Moderate are those who will split the difference with Evil.

No compromise allowed, when it comes to evil.

Here's the previous video that prompted my wrath, if you want to see it.

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