Sunday, February 19, 2006

Calling All Infidels - The "This Is How It Was, 2006" Series

One of my frustrations with how history is taught is that we are often inundated with dates and names, and not actually told how things felt at the time.

We are at a turning point in history now. Iran is threatening (though obliquely) to use nuclear weapons to wipe out the Jews, and possibly some major cities in the United States.

Will America do something to stop this? Will Israel? At this point, we have no idea what will happen, but many of us, who are aware of what is going on, are very concerned.

Here's what I would like us to do. Let's do a series of posts to be entitled "This Is How It Was, 2006," the point of which is to chronicle the the zeitgeist of the various parts of our world.

The Infidel Bloggers Alliance is uniquely positioned to be able to do this kind of reporting as we have bloggers from all parts of the globe.

One of our D.C. bloggers recently reported air-raid drills and military jets, day and night, ever since the day Chirac made his nuclear threat. Our Malaysian bloggers are dealing with encroaching Sharia. Our UK bloggers attended the Islamist protests where the "Freedom Go To Hell" sign was displayed. And, of course, our Israeli blogger is living in the time of the rise of Hamas.

In short, we have stories to tell. And, I believe we have a responsibility to chronicle this sad, strange time in history.

Let's not get too sentimental, but, let us realize at the same time that some of us may be telling a story which otherwise will not survive. Let us tell the story of how our cultures are behaving. Are people aware of the threat, or are they living in ignorant bliss? Is there a sense of apocalypse in the air?

Also, please tell me what is beautiful and good about life.

If anyone has any other ideas to add, please let me know.

Please post your articles within the next two weeks. Pamela, from Atlas Shrugs has offered to promote this series to the big blogs. This is an opportunity for Infidel Bloggers Alliance to do something special; to freeze our time for history's sake.

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Christine said...

This is how I see it.

The world's a roller coaster and I am not strapped in.
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