Monday, February 20, 2006

Oh, is that what you think?

Military plots a 'long war' on terror

By Rowan Scarborough
February 20, 2006

Joint Chiefs of Staff planners have produced a 27-page briefing on the war on terror that seeks to explain how to win the "long war" and says Islamic extremists may be supported by 12 million Muslims worldwide.
Sorry dudes, but I have been speaking with Omanis and others in the gulf since 9/13/2001, nearly every day. Is it anecdotal? You bet, but time and numbers tells something as well. That number from the defense dept is related to 1% of muslims worldwide.

Guess what..I banged up against ONE person I thought would really committ an act, however, 30-35% SUPPORT action against those who 'oppress' muslims and are islamophobic(and that's the % these muslims believe is about right as well). People BELIEVE that when a Hamza is convicted it's quite stupid because 'he is only saying what we hear every friday'. When it was pointed out that this meant that ALL the imams are then guilty of that same set of crimes, but merely resides elsewhere, the response was that this shows how much we hate Islam and muslims. These are not 'freaks'. Neither are the educators there who believe Mahathir is a model muslim. Nor are the bank managers, IT security chiefs, or oil engineers I converse with. These are otherwise 'reasonable' adults. But they believe Al Jazeera, because it squares with their religious education, and their 'taught' history which shows us as monstrous capitalists. They never heard of HAMA in 1982, weeks after the well known Sabra and Shattila which they hold to their hearts.

So, it's 1.3 billion x 30%, folks in the DIA, not any 1%. Who are you asking about that percentage, our friends running the big family gas station, the Al Saud and their Wahab descendant inlaws who control religious teaching, the Al Sheikh's?

You are properly getting ready for the 'long war' DIA, but it's the wrong one. If we are not to exterminate hundreds of millions, then we need to speak frankly about a multigenerational effort to eliminate salafi jihadism. The only problem is, we don't have a single, not a SINGLE muslim ally in THIS effort, which so sorry is the only one which will make a difference.

The reason we don't is either that muslims believe in salafism( the ~30%), or are petrified of murderers who think that any second after self detonation they will wake up in a Las Vegas with no consequences, and every showgirl hot for them.

That's our war.

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Anonymous said...

Once upon a time, during the war in Vietnam the official Army / Pentagon approved assessment of Commies in Sth Vietnam was 300,000. A CIA analyst looked at the figures, did his job and corrected them upwards to 600,000. The higher assessment was suppressed and troops were deployed solely on the basis they were facing 300,000. America lost that war.