Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Hints to tell you are dead wrong

Carter backs Bush's stand on seaport-operations deal

Former President Jimmy Carter downplayed criticism of White House support of an Arab-owned company's purchase of a major seaport-operations firm.

O'reilly is also backing this, saying we can't spit in the eye of the arabs since we want to encourage noderate muslims, and the UAE is our ally.

Of course, we all know around HERE in the Theban plain, that the problem is not 'arabs'. It's what arabs teach each other. It's the idea that if the govt of the UAE is our ally it means we question how long they will be around and what the people there think and believe. We have already seen in another post that SOME PEOPLE (i.e. imams with enough popularity to get their quttbas on TV) believe that muslims didn't do the bombings in the UK since christians and jews do these types of things. Why wasn't this guy laughed out of town? In a moderate muslim population he'd be history.

Indian islahi Centre, U.A.E. was established in the early 1980s; Dubai as its headquarters. The formation of this organisation helped all Salafi scholars, who were doing their services independently, to come together and work in an organised manner. Later branches were formed in Al Ain, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and various other places in the U.A.E. Now it has branches in all emirates of the U.A.E.
And another seemingly popular imam? Hey, maybe this guy is the David Duke of UAE, and they are all Quakers by comparison ...but WHY TAKE A CHANCE NOW?

Hold an investigation. Air it out.

Georgie, shut up for bit, eh. You are making it worse for yourself.

Here are the most interesting paragraphs from the Los Angeles Times' coverage of the 911 panel:

"Aerial surveillance spotted an official United Arab Emirates jet at the camp, and it became clear that senior UAE officials were there hunting and apparently meeting with Bin Laden. "Policymakers were concerned about the danger that a strike might kill an Emirati prince or other senior officials," the commission's report said.

"A commission official said the panel was still investigating why senior officials from the UAE, considered an American ally, were meeting with Bin Laden.

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Always On Watch said...

Check this out. It recent information.

Krishna109 said...

Even if we did trust the current gov't in the UAE (I don't)-- that area is volatile & unpredictable-- most people felt sure that Hamas wouldn't win the recent election-- but they did.

The current, so- called "moderate" gov't could be overthrown, and a "radical" gov't put in place. They would probably have access to all the info the previous gov't had. Why chance it when our lives are at stake?

Jason Pappas said...

There’s much silliness in the MSM on this issue. One contention is that UAE is our friend. A friend is someone with whom you share an affinity based on shared values. Fighting a common enemy, to the extent that the UAE is fighting jihadists, doesn’t make for a friend—only a strategic alliance for a specific purpose.

True Muslims can’t take Infidel as friends so who are we kidding. They don’t like us and we’re not too fond of them. But that has nothing to do with doing business. You don’t give the grocer the keys to your house. A business transaction is a tit-for-tat affair. A trusting friendship is something much deeper.

Israel is a friend; Australia is a friend; the UAE is convenient association were each side is using the other and both wash their hands as soon as they can. Let’s be honest about it!

Epaminondas said...

always, a dynamite find ..I linked back to you.

How about a fact finding blog swarm on this ...

1) Is the govt there representative of the people's feelings?
2) What is their record?
3) Has there been a change?
4) What is their religious history, and who is in control of what is taught now?