Monday, February 20, 2006

On the Desecration of muslim Prayer Rugs

I have been told that it is blasphemous to use muslim prayer rugs as actual rugs, to pray non-muslim prayers on them (such as the Rosary, above), to use them without the proper "ablution" or washing beforehand, and to use as a woman if not well covered.

Well folks, I obviously don't give a damn.

And, as Forrest Gump said, "and that's all I have to say about that".

Edit: I am afraid that I have bowed to the pressure of my family who fears for their safety as well as mine and had to remove the picture. I do not like having to give in to anyone, especially muslims whose griping about what us infidels can and cannot do inspired me to put it there in the first place. However, my family's wishes come first.

I feel rather ashamed at the moment, as I have in doing so I have done something that my great idol, Pim Fortuyn, would never have done. Especially as My Dear Professor Pim would've turned 58 yesterday on the 19th of February had he not been murdered by Volkert van der Graaf. This edit is, however, the wish of my family and I must respect that.

Never fear though, I will keep up the fight without posting pictures of myself, at least not "blasphemous" ones. And you never know, I may always reconsider, though I now apologize for my shame in taking this step.


von Schlichtningen said...

Pim's ghost,
Way to go.

I am going to get one for the dog.

Epaminondas said...

Actually, I use women ON the prayer rugs. It's a religious experience, you see

von Schlichtningen said...


JMJ said...

I would like to officially nominate Pim's Ghost as Infidel Babe of the Week. Maybe surrounded with holy books and draped in a lot of rosaries.

Just NOT in a nuns habit!! Now that would be sacrilegous!! ;)

von Schlichtningen said...

Is it Ok to use the Quran for a pillow. I know it is uncomfortable, but it might enhance the religious experience.

Epaminondas said...

ok Pim..we need a glamour shot to work that you..........?

Kiddo said...

epam, I admire your spirit.

jmj--why thank you. I acually posted the red-eye version by mistake though....let me fix that.

Is anyone else getting error messages when they post or just me?

Kiddo said...

Anon--I'm working on that photo......

jmj, you are kind, but now that I've seen my pic next to the Monica Belluci one, there's just no comparison. I just can't follow that one up. In fact, I'm not sure what female can....that's one hot Monica pic.

Epaminondas said...

so that IS you...sigh.....I'm happily married...


I just opened your zip btw (that should start tongues wagging). I'll get back with you

von Schlichtningen said...

Pim's ghost,

No need for false modesty. It is all in the eye of the beholder and you got my vote too. More importantly - more than just mere beauty - I like your attitude.

JMJ said...

Pim's Ghost,
It's not a contest. :)

We can all enjoy both. Just as I am sure you are not attracted to only one man in the world.

However, I think you will also find that most men appreciate the attractiveness of the "girl next door" as much, and USUALLY MORE, than the fashion model/actress because we too are the "guy next door".

And real life is always much more appealing and interesting! Especially when one is as attractive as you are! :)

Steve Brandon said...

I suppose the difference might be more obvious in person, but that prayer rug doesn't really look any different from the sorts of throw rugs you can get for $30 to 40 Canadian at Wal-Mart and Zellers.

My parents had a rug with a very similar pattern as a living room rug, with a coffee table on it. Was that blasphemy?

Kiddo said...

I'm fed up with these little bastards! And trust me, no false modesty. I don't care. If others like how I look, fine by me. I look like my family as far as I'm concerned, and that is all I care about. I'm just the diasporic Ionian Greek next door....HAHAHA!

Plus, I admired Atlas's ballsy move of writing as she does and also not hiding her face. I felt like a hypocrite. So I killed 2 birds with one stone. I put up a pic and blasphemed simultaneously.

Benue said...

Wow. Prim is soooo irresistable. How about Infidel Babe of the Year?

JMJ said...

Pim's Ghost,
I admire your courage in posting your picture! Made my day BTW! :)
"I'm fed up with these little bastards!" I hope that was directed at the mussies and not at us, right?

Fidothedog said...

Thats a nice looking rug, my mums got one like that.

Always On Watch said...

VS: I am going to get one for the dog.

Perfect! We know how Muslims feel about dogs. Hehehe.

I'm too old to be an Infidel Babe. --sigh--

Anonymous said...

that's definitely my kind of blasphemy!

Always On Watch said...

Pim's Ghost,
I put up a pic and blasphemed simultaneously.

Way to go!

All of us need a prayer rug, which we can put to infidel use.

Pastorius said...

Pim's Ghost,
I told ya!

Kiddo said...

No way AOW! We're all babes. As for the dress, I wasn't trying to look fetching, but uncovered. Same with the hair. Shucks, these comments have made me all embarrassed. I was just trying to piss off the mooooosilims. As for posting it here, I just felt like a hypocrite not doing it, as it's already at Flickr, though unadmitted to. ( I really don't want to get my head cut off, even if I do want to meet Pim in the great beyond someday)

As for the rug, isn't that great?? I found it really cheap (due to its size) at an antique shop. The owner had no idea what it was. Poor him. However, newer models are available at for a decent price. Actually, someone donated one to my church and I just haven't told them what it was or how "blasphemous" their use of it is for fear that they'll remove it from it's spot in a reading area of their library!! I want all of the Christian feet on it as they read their Christian books at that sofa!! HAHAHA!!

J said...

Pim's Ghost, is it ok if I use the pic for infidel babe of the week?

and err, well done and looking good ;p

[what do you guys think about prayer rug beach towels?
or maybe bath mats?]

JMJ said...

j said:
"what do you guys think about prayer rug beach towels?
or maybe bath mats?"

I love this idea! I wiil add these to the list of other items that we have come up with. At this rate, we will have a whole catalog of infidel items.

What should we call the catalog? A mail order (keeps everyone safe) catalog. Maybe called "The Blasphemer's Catalog from IBA". ;)

Pastorius said...

How about Prayer Rug Toilet Mats?

You know, the ones that go around the toilet to catch the stray urine.

Always On Watch said...

I almost mentioned those toilet mats! Hehehe. Sounds like a good use to me!

Always On Watch said...

Pim's Ghost,
want all of the Christian feet on it as they read their Christian books at that sofa!! HAHAHA!!

That's wonderful! ROFL!

Well, if you count that I know how to use a firearm, I AM an infidel babe. And I can wear my Ground Zero cap and American-flag jacket while I pull the trigger.

Kiddo said...

j--oh, I'd rather you didn't, as I'm a contributor and I'd die of embarassment as well...I was just trying to make a point. Now I'm scared I'll get my head cut off! But thank you! But please find a good Jim Caviezel pic to be hunk of the week!! Or maybe I'll look.

As for the prayer rug catalog and toilet mat, right on!! I'm all for that! I'll even keep trying to learn Photoshop just to contribute some.

JMJ said...

Pim's Ghost,

Your courage is very commendable but I just want you to know that ANYTIME you want to remove your pic from here, please feel free. We will still only think the highest thoughts of you!!

None of us have your courage!!

It is the long term motivation that we must all be cognisant of and feeling stressed about one's danger is the fastest way to lose that motivation!

And we will all be feeling that stress soon enough. Just ask the Euros.

We need EVERYONE for this endeavour!

We must all look out for each other's well being (both physical and mental) because I fear this war is going go on for many years!

So again, Pim, as much I truly enjoy looking at your pic (it brings a smile to my face!), please feel free to do whatever, whenever. No comment is required.

My vote. You take it down. Your safety is more important! :) IMHO

We care more about you than a picture!!

But it is your call. I will hold my tongue from hear on out.

JMJ said...

There is NO shame involved in your very wise act!!

If any of us are "not around" anymore, unfortunately like Pim, then one cannot continue to fight the good fight.

And winning this war is way more important than ANYTHING!

I know I want you by my side during times of battle because of your strong demonstration of courage! I can see you will be the one to lead the charge when it is time!

None of us have done what you have done! There will be many opportunities to show one's courage in the upcoming battles.

You will be our role model and our inspiration when, in the future, we also need to step up and face the enemy head on!

You make us proud!! :)


JMJ said...

Can I just say one more time,

What a babe!! :)

von Schlichtningen said...

Pim's ghost,

There is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. On the contrary.

I agree entirely with all of JMJ's remarks.

United we stand strong.

Respectfully yours,

Epaminondas said...

Too late, it's my desktop and is already illiciting comment from people yelling haram and throwing things, and others asking for a phone number and mumbling about moonlight, however in solidarity I link my own picture

Always On Watch said...

Pim's Ghost,
I have bowed to the pressure of my family who fears for their safety as well as mine and had to remove the picture.

You removed the picture for the right reasons. We need all infidels to protect themselves and their families.

As JMJ said, There is NO shame involved in your very wise act!!

And keep desecrating those prayer rugs.

Kiddo said...

Thanks guys, and thanks for the compliments folks. Truly.