Monday, February 20, 2006

Who gave Jimbo the shovel?

J Carter, useful idiot :
During this time of fluidity in the formation of the new government, it is important that Israel and the United States play positive roles. Any tacit or formal collusion between the two powers to disrupt the process by punishing the Palestinian people could be counterproductive and have devastating consequences.

"My message to the loathed Jews is that there is no god but Allah, we will chase you everywhere! We are a nation that drinks blood, and we know that there is no blood better than the blood of Jews. We will not leave you alone until we have quenched our thirst with your blood, and our children's thirst with your blood. We will not leave until you leave the Muslim countries."
You mean, like that, you absolutely naieve MORON?

1 comment:

Kiddo said...

Well at least they know what they want...I never can decide on what to drink.

Time to let the lemmings of the West run over the cliff. We need unity here, kiddos.