Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Muslim Hacker Jihad

From: http://www.nypost.com/news/worldnews/63846.htm

"By NILES LATHEM Post Correspondent
February 20, 2006 -- WASHINGTON — Muslim computer-hacker gangs have launched a massive attack on Danish and Western Web sites as part of the mass protests across the Arab world over the publication of cartoons making fun of the Prophet Mohammed.
The cyber-crime monitoring group Zone-H.org said in a statement that more than 1,000 Danish, Israeli and European sites were defaced or shut down by Islamic hackers in the last week.

And experts fear that's just the beginning of what could be a massive cyber-jihad stretching from the Middle East and Europe to the United States and dominating cyberspace for..."

And from Ali Sina's www.faithfreedom.org:

"It appears we are the victims of another DOS attack. This one appears to be more coordinated than the last one, and it also appears to involve multiple computers.

We are working to resolved the problem. Admittedly DOS attacks are much more preferable than knife attacks, but they show Muslims total defeat in logical arguments. "


I do believe that Sina's take is quite correct. They cannot argue and would rather not, not with us infidels and apostates (such as on Sina's site), so they instead strike out to silence those they disagree with in their infantile approach.


Always On Watch said...

Sort of along those lines (not exactly, but important to know)...

According to this article:

When Stacey Turmel placed an order online with Davida, an English motorcycle accessory company, she was looking for protective gear with style and comfort.

But after plunking down $255 for a two-tone Deluxe Jet helmet, she found herself dragged into the shadowy world of global jihad.

Turmel, a St. Petersburg lawyer, has learned that she was among several Davida customers whose personal and credit information was placed on a public Web site - 3asfh.net. The site, hosted temporarily by a Tampa-based Web-hosting company, has been used to exchange information on hacking by people waging war in the name of Islam.

"It was scary to find out that jihadis had my personal information," Turmel said.

Her loss was modest. After checking records in the spring of 2002, she found several small charges she did not make - none more than $40, but other victims discovered attempts to charge more than $1,000.

Investigators and Internet security experts say much more is at stake.

Computer hackers - from wayward teens to organized crime syndicates to groups associated with al-Qaida - steal hundreds of billions of dollars every year. Hack attacks such as the one against Turmel are a key weapon of global jihad, experts say.

One example is the 2002 explosion that killed more than 200 people at a nightclub in Bali, Indonesia. Computer security experts say Imam Samudra, the man behind the attack, financed it through credit card fraud....

And lots of these hackers learned their skills in student-exchange programs.

IMO, we're going to see more of these cyber attacks mentioned in the posting here.

The war is being waged on all fronts!

J said...

Bear in mind that denial of service is far from hacking, it's more of an irritant.

but when the infidel "hackers" [crackers] take their revenge, then we will see things kick off. Just think, pics of the cartoon mo on the official saudi website (not that i'd ever suggest that sort of thing).

because all the best "hackers" come from 'dar al harb'.

Kiddo said...

AOW--very scary indeed.

As I frequently have said, "If you don't like Western Civilization, then turn off the computer in front of you, throw it out and do some further housecleaning as well."

I only wish that we could yank away all of the computer access to all of these fools, along with their cell phones, and send them truly back to the dark ages that they so yearn for.