Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Courage & Cowardice

Its becoming more and more obvious that many Muslim leaders are playing a "double game"-- constantly trying to portray themselves as victims, when in fact they are so often the victimizers-- in so many situations, they turn out to be the bullies.

Unfortunately, most the time, politicians and other opinion makers take the "easy way out"-- and give in to Muslim bullying.

During the last day or two, however, I've noticed a few individuals who've had the courage to speak the truth-- and to express quite clearly what needs to be said. These include Flemming Rose of Jyllands-Posten, Jeff Jacoby of the Boston Globe, Australian Prime Minister John Howard, and a leading Catholic Bishop (Rino Fisichella). Entire article: Courage and Cowardice.


unaha-closp said...

Islamic leaders use Islam as a club - "you shall be good muslims and obey us or you will burn in hell and much sooner than you expect."

von Schlichtningen said...

The Imams in Denmark used this double speach too. Saying one thing to the Danish news and another to Arab news. Not only were they caught but also we now know the false accusations (for example falsified cartoons), they made in the Middle East about Denmark, the country they have chosen to live in.

I think some or all might be kicked out eventually: