Friday, February 24, 2006

The UAE Port Story Is A Bunch Of Bullshit

If you thought it was strange that all of the sudden Democrats were worried about the security of the United States, you were right to be suspicious.

The Astute Blogger has got the goods.

Now that you know the facts, ask yourself, why would the Dems lie about something so fervently? Well, withe the Dems, isn't it usually about the redistribution of income?

Check out Atlas Shrugs, "It's all about the money."


maccusgermanis said...

Interesting points, a goonion supporter I am not, but some things still bother me about the ports deal.

(1) I doubt this deal would be as widely resisted if Dubai Ports was truely a private company.

(2) Would we not even resist the nationalization of port facilities if the nation was our own?

(3) one of our very best allies in the LONG WAR. who appears to have blackmailed our executive branch,cooperation being contigent on Bush admin. support for this deal

(4) Our PORT SECURITY has NOTHING/ZERO/ZILCH/NADA/BUPKUS to do with who off-loads/on-loads containers in the terminals

Should we, likewise, be comfortable in leaving pedophilles in charge of a daycare that happens to be next to a police station.

kevin said...

A lot of Republicans are against this deal too, I hope it fails.

Jay.Mac said...

Don;t forget the CIA missed an opportunity to take out Bin Laden because he was meeting with the UAE royals.

Jason Pappas said...

Many conservatives have called left-liberals hypocrites for all of a sudden complaining about the absurdity of having Arabs involved with border operations. If this is hypocrisy, we need more of it.

Hypocrisy can be resolved by two means: becoming completely hawkish or becoming completely anti-defense. I’m under no delusion that this is the first step at a reformation of the Democratic Party. But my view is that we should say to our Democratic friends “we like you when you talk tough.” The details are far less important.

By the way, Chuck Schumer has waged a one-man campaign for tighter port operations since 9/11. He wants more containers checked, new technology developed, and more policing. On his part, this isn’t a new issue.

Cubed © said...

I have reached the point where I really no longer care - deeply, at least - about the motives of those who oppose the sellout of our ports, so long as the ports aren't sold out!