Thursday, February 23, 2006

The cyberterrorism caused by the cartoons

Pim's Ghost has posted over this issue here. My colleague AMDG have already posted about Michelle Malkin Blog being attacked by hackers. Via Fu2rman, we have another news about it.

The Counterterrorism Blog also posted this case of cyberterrorism:

This morning, I received an e-mail from CT Blog fan Ms. Tracy Twyman in Portland, OR, in response to my report yesterday about a hacking of a Seattle-area website by Muslim cyber-terrorists (that's what I'm calling you, get used to it) - quoting her below with edits for the links:

"Thanks for covering the story about the cyberterrorists. If you're keeping a list, you might like to know that my websites, Dragon Key Press and Plus Ultra Blog, were hacked about 1 and a half weeks ago, because I was republishing the Mohammed cartoons, as well as other incindiary material. Both websites were down for about a day until our web host was able to fix it. To tell you the truth, I never thought about going to the police or the FBI about it. I assumed they wouldn't do anything.

I did come across some interesting info though. Lately my website has received frequent visits from people in Turkey clicking links to the site that have been posted on two separate forums, each of them clearly forums for Islamic cyberterrorists. They are here and here. I was not able to get into these forums to see what they were saying about my website, but I can only assume they were discussing plans of attack. I thought you might be interested in this information."

This afternoon, a very interesting follow-up from Tracy (thanks Tracy!), which I hope will attract attention from law enforcement and ideas from other knowledgeable CT Blog fans:

"This morning, yet another person from Turkey visited from yet another Islamic hacker forum. If you go to the main page here, you can see that that's exactly what it is.

The administrator of wrote this to Michelle Malkin:

I've just read your blog entry about the coordinated hacking attacks from the Islamic world. They targeted my site on the same day they targeted zombie's. I know where they are launching one of their main attacks from. There is an Islamic hacking message forum that coordinates these attacks, apparently. I saw the IP addresses that accessed my site, and it matched those who spammed and flooded my site. My site was offline for 5 hours 2 days ago, and 3 hours yesterday... 2 hours today. Fortunately my host has been very helpful and we have inserted those malignant IP's into our firewall. So far so good... Anyway, here is the site that has been coordinating attacks against the Mohammed Image Archive.

What is striking (or not?) is that the web from which both attacks were made is from Turkey...

Even Al Qaeda has a "University" to teach this kind of things:

If you read Arabic and want a degree in jihad, click on If you're lucky--the site disappears and reappears--you will see a post that belongs to the Global Islamic Media Front (GIMF). It announces the "Al Qaeda University of Jihad Studies." According to Ahmad al-Wathiq Billah, the GIMF "Deputy General Emir," students "pass through faculties devoted to the cause of the caliphate through morale boosting and bombings," and the site offers specialization in "electronic, media, spiritual and financial jihad."

The Internet has long been essential for terrorism, but what has surprised experts is the growth of such Islamist (radical Islam) and jihadist sites. Their continuing rise suggests that recruitment for a "holy war" against the West could proceed unabated, despite capture of key leaders.

The jihadist places have developed important ways to defend themselves, although there has been succesful attacks against them. But Bush told them that the "Patriotic Hackers" were still Hackers and, as such, they were going to be punished accordingly. (via Kokonut Pundits).

Also treating this issue: Kim Priestap, Dust My Broom, The Scratching Post, Iowa Voice, Junkyardblog, Viet-Justice,

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Cubed © said...


Thank you for your extensive report on the hacking problem.

Nobody ever accused the Arabs of being unintelligent; if they were not so imprisoned by Islam, they would be out there winning Nobel Prizes instead of stealing the inventions of free people to use in their futile fight against them.

We are surrounded, there's no question about it; so far, we have given away the Panama Canal - that was in 2000, to the Hutchinson Whampoa (Communist China), and we have abjectly refused to secure the borders with Mexico and Canada, and we are on the verge of opening up the ports of New York, New Jersey, Baltimore New Orleans, Miami and Philadelphia to Islam, an organization which operates with whatever means are necessary to establish itself everywhere in the world.

Don't forget that the Port of Vancouver, British Columbia, is also on their list.

Please add to that list the control that Dubai Ports World will have over the movement of our military equipment - 40% of our Army cargo that supports our effort in Iraq goes through the Texas ports of Beaumont and Corpus Christi, which will be run by Dubai in a contract to run through 2010.

Oh, and don't forget the 1997 sellout to the Chinese of the Long Beach Naval Weapons Shipyard, the only deep water port on the west coast that can accommodate large ships.

The U.S. has been a "brief, shining moment" of reason in the history of mankind, only to be corrupted when seized by the Postmodernists in the mid-1800s. They went on to infest every one of our institutions - education, politics, publishing, journalism, etc. - and make us vulnerable to betrayal by those entrusted to protect us.

Had we remained true to reason, we would have remained inpenetrable by the forces of irrationality, especially to the evil that is Islam.

Reality always wins in the end, so reason will eventually prevail; in the short run, however, it will probably come down to the requirement for the total destruction of Islam in order to rid ourselves of this pestilence.

Their infantile behavior is beginning to weary even the most PC among us.

The moment they take advantage of the port giveaway will signal the beginning of their annilhilation, and then we will be done with them.

Anonymous said...

Thanks cubed. Well, it was not very difficult, as there has been a lot of blogs damaged by the hackers. As Ali Sina said, as they do not have arguments to convince people, they just try to impose their wills on the others.