Sunday, February 26, 2006

Extremists on the Loose in Manchester

"Extremists have been blamed after a cartoon featuring the prophet Mohammed with a bomb in his turban was put up in a housing office in Oldham...." Hat Tip Tim Blair

I was going to title this post “Armed with Cartoon” or “The Infidel Strikes Back” or perhaps "I'm Shocked, Shocked!" Perhaps the guy/gal took my suggestion: we should put that picture on every lamp post!


von Schlichtningen said...

The world is coming to an end - the extremist cartoon terrorists are everywhere.

The cartoons are a terrible weapon falling under the category of WMD, weapons of mass distribution.

von Schlichtningen said...

To prove my point I have sent 12 emails, each with one of the Danish cartoons, to each of the following e-mail adresses. I did add the warning:

"Handle with extreme caution. It could make you laugh."

First Choice Homes Oldham

Housing Options

Housing Support

Asylum Team

Asylum Team Webpage

Equalities and Community Cohesion Webpage

Anonymous said...

I note the palpable outrage of the BBC. I also the note the dhimmi-whipped response of the Greater Manchester Police

Greater Manchester Police said they were treating the incident "extremely seriously" and were worried the incident could affect "community cohesion".

No wonder there's a rise in far-right politics when the establishment seeks to legitimise the whims of hardcore Islamists.

It's a fucking disgrace. Do they not have any balls? Under what law would they be persuing this I wonder? Thick cunts.

Jason Pappas said...

The dhimmi-whipped authorities should be shaken up. The cartoons have become a potent weapon for fighting for the truth.

Keeping the cartoons in print, online, and posted around one's community could give rise to an opportunity to speak on why we see Islam as offensive and why the cartoons are truth to the historic Mohammad. I always turn the tables: "Islam is offensive." "Mohammad was violent and vicious." "The cartoons were mild compare to the historic Mohammad." People don't expect this. They expect appologetics like "their offensive and in poor taste but free speech, as deporable as the message is, must be respected."

The only thing to appologize for is the timidity of the cartoons. They don't do justice to the full horror of Islam.