Thursday, February 23, 2006

This is how it was, what 2006 may be known for

I think that the year 2006, and even before that, may be famous for when people began to realize many important things.

For example, here in Israel, it could be the understanding of the murderous threat that the Hamas, and also the PLO, impose on the country. That the so-called palestinians voted in such large numbers for the Hamas, to yes, you guessed it, replace the PLO, which many of them probably consider "old-fashioned," for the purpose of destroying Israel, as they're trying to do by firing rockets from Gaza against Ashkelon and the surrounding area.

Put another way, this may have awakened people to the fact that the so-called palestinians, courtesy of all the Islamic indoctrination they've been put through, do not want to live in peace and co-existence with Jews/Israelis.

In Europe, there's the awakening to the Islamic threat that now looms over the continent, especially in France, where the large scale riots took place. And with the organized incitement against Denmark over the cartoons, you could say that that's one more sign as to how people are coming to understand the true nature of Islam.

This leads to another important point: that not only are people awakening to the Islamic threat, but that, as the bold steps to republish the cartoons in various newspapers that have done so, in order to give the public the chance to judge for themselves, has shown that some are aware of the fact that we cannot let ourselves and free speech be cowed by threats of violence.

And with Dubya's sellout of US seaports without prior notice to the public and the representatives of Congress, I think that could tell that people are beginning to understand not only the threat that the United Arab Emirates poses (see this item from the Counterterrorism Blog for more), were the deal to go through, but also that, if a Democratic president like Bill Clinton can be unreliable, so can a Republican president like Dubya, who may have ruined his credibility even more by threatening to veto attempts to block the deal. And it's a good thing that our elected officials have all joined together as one in order to protest the deal.

And also just as impressive is that, there's even an "Army of Davids" that's come to protest the deal, and that may be one of the most helpful factors in stopping it from going through.

I'm sure there'll be plenty more that 2006 will be famous -- or notorious -- for, and time will tell what'll come next.

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Reliapundit said...

I've been monitoring the MSM coveage of the Port Brouhaha, and they CONSTANTLY refer to it as a CRISIS because Bush approved, "transfer of control of six of our largest ports to a foreign country."

This is such a BIG LIE that there's really only one word for it: BULLSHIT.

Here' are the FACTS:

(1) According to DHS testimony at today's Sednate Armed Services CommitteeBriefing, the six ports in question have 829 TERMINALS - each LEASED by the LOCAL Port Authority to PRIVATE COMPANIES.

(2) These private companies ALREADY INCLUDE FOREIGN COMPANIES.

(3) P&O leases 24 of these 829 terminals, and ONLY these TERMINALS will now come under the corporate control of a corporation in part owned by Dubai - which is inarguably one of our very best allies in the LONG WAR.

(4) Our PORT SECURITY has NOTHING/ZERO/ZILCH/NADA/BUPKUS to do with who off-loads/on-loads containers in the terminals in our ports, and stores them and lades them on trucks.

Ports are owned by the locatities (like the NY/NJ Port Authority) - and they stay owned by them. The US Coast Guard and DHS are in charge of security of these prorts, and they stay in charge.

According to DHS, EVERY (as in 100%) container is screened before it is LOADED ON TO A SHIP HEADED HERE, and by the end of the year 80% of all containers will be checked for radiation and/or X-rayed.

This FORWARD-BASED security is what's essential to PREVENTING a terrorist from getting a container into our ports - and not checking cargo once it's in the port -THAT WOULD BE TOO LATE.

Dubai Port World ALREADY FULLY COOPERATES with this process.

The CFIUS Committeee was UNANIMOUS in determining that this transfer of leases (for only 24/829 terminals) from a British company to a holding company in poart owned by our ALLY Dubai presents NO SECURITY CONCERNS. This was UNANIMOUS; the CIA and DNI, FBI and DIA AND EVERY SINGLE INTELL' ASSET IN EVERY DEPARTMENT - Treasury, State, and DOJ and DHS ALL AGREED.

THEREFORE: This brouhaha is either PURE BS or simple DEMOGUERY. Take your pick.

Bush is right. Hillary, Schumer and Michelle Malkin are totally WRONG

If the MSM got the FACTS out - instead of merely repeating the BS - REPEATING THE BIG LIE, over-and-over, then the public would quickly agree.